5 Places Where Food is More Than What is On Our Plates

What happens when healthy eating is not a choice but a must? Even if your diet is restricted, you won’t feel optionless in Budapest. Visit the below restaurants!


Just a stone’s throw away from the always busy Kálvin tér and Astoria, VegaCity awaits the health-conscious with the finest alternatives. The restaurant offers a continuously varying lunch menu, a wide range of breakfast options, and an impressive selection of green and healthy foods in the heart of Budapest. Besides the finely prepared warm cooked meals, there are tasty homemade hamburgers, gluten and sugar free desserts, sandwiches, freshly squeezed juices and smoothies to consume. What’s more, you can purchase the best quality ingredients at the neighbouring BioABC and VitaminABC. Check out the weekly offers and test the finger licking good meals regardless of being a committed vegan or a curious gastro tourist. Hint: Try Gandaburi!

Hideg Nyalat

Summer wouldn’t be summer without ice cream, but the cold and creamy temptation could contribute to unhealthy weight gain. Clearly not at Hideg Nyalat, because their artisan products are not only paleo and vegan but also sugar, soy, gluten and diary free. In the assortment, you’ll also find yogurt and cookies made from 100% natural, quality ingredients, and guess what, each one of them are extremely delicious! The healthy desserts are available in almost 200 stores (find the list on Hideg Nyalat’s website) around the country, awaiting health-conscious consumers in bio and diet shops, confectioneries, coffees and restaurants. Festival goers, you can try Hideg Nyalat’s paleo and vegan ice cream (16 flavours) at Sziget Festival’s Audi bar!

Istvánffi Veggie Burger

What is the key element of a great and memorable, meatless burger? We don’t know exactly, but fortunately, Istvánffi Veggie Burger’s team is aware of the secret. The buns are always fresh and soft, the three types of patties one can choose from (oatmeal, mushroom, wheat) are vegetable-based and very good. Once you are there, you will also have to decide on which type of single or double burger you’d like to have; some are sprinkled with almond sauce, some with Istvánffi sauce or BBQ, and different vegetables are the toppings. Order a small, medium or big combo meal with a cup of sugar and additive-free, 100% fruit juice, and fries! Every ingredient is vegetable-based, but even meat-eaters will like the flavour orgy. We are regulars.

Las Vegan’s

You don’t necessarily have to be a vegan or vegetarian to experiment with a meat-less burger, because meat or no meat, the veggie-full delicacies are finger-licking good. It’s important that you go to the right place, because let’s face it, in some joints a vegan burger still doesn’t mean more than a regular hamburger without the meat patty. However, Hungary’s very first vegan burger food truck, Las Vegan’s created its burgers much more creatively; among their offers you’ll find zucchini patty with algae, vegan fried cheese, grilled seitan, mushroom, and even carrot patty, as well as a list of vegetable-based ingredients prepared with a twist. Their smoothies are fresh, colourful and delicious, steak & sweet potatoes, vegan nuggets are available.

Matrjoska Kroshka

Last year, the Russian vegan bistro reopened on Kálvin tér, right in plain view of the FUNZINE headquarters. Healthy and delicious, the scents coming out from the open kitchen of Matrjoska Kroshka will turn your head even if you’re not too keen on a non-meat diet. They prepare food exclusively from pure, natural ingredients and use no preservatives, additives, or artificial colourings. Patties and buns – gluten free and whole grain alternatives are also available on request – are freshly made on the spot with love and care. Note: Matrjoska doesn’t want to imitate the flavour and look of meat dishes. Provocative soups, pelmeni stuffed with amazing fillings, vegan burgers hedonistic sweets and wine nights await you under Baross utca 6.