January’s Gastro Highlights – The Best of Budapest

How about a taste-bud pampering experience in one of Budapest’s coziest dining spots? Let us inspire you!

Hungarian: Fekete Holló Kisvendéglő

Homey flavours, friendly service, affordable prices, checkered tablecloths, a wide selection of wine spritzers, and a cozy atmosphere. If that sounds like your kind of paradise, then you are guaranteed to be floating on cloud 9 at Buda Castle’s Fekete Holló Kisvendéglő (Black Crow Inn). The legendary restaurant from the 1960s reopened after more than a decade of hiatus at its original location, with a refurbished dining area and Hungarian culinary classics such as farmhouse chicken soup, marrow toast, or lentil stew garnished with smoked sausage. Even Matthias Corvinus would applaud for this!

1014 Budapest, Országház utca 10. | Facebook

Fekete Holló Kisvendéglő
Photo credit: Fekete Holló Kisvendéglő (Facebook)

Lunch: Macesz Bistro

Situated within walking distance from the world-famous Szimpla ruin bar and the equally renowned Dohány Street Synagogue, Macesz Bistro entices guests with a menu composed of a scrumptious mixture of regional specialties, including hearty cholent, rich beef stew, and the beloved flódni, as well as a wine list that runs the gamut from the finest local wines to bottles from Italy and New Zealand. Indulge in your favourites Jewish-Hungarian dishes with Macesz’s new, pocket-friendly lunch menu on weekdays from noon to 3 PM, and let this restaurant be your gateway to Pest’s Jewish Quarters!

1072 Budapest, Dob utca 26. | Facebook

Macesz Bistro
Photo credit: Macesz Bistro (Facebook)

Soups: Húsleves és Társai

Dive into a delightful world of delectable soups at Húsleves és Társai (Broth and Co.), a cozy takeaway-only soup joint nestled in the heart of Budapest. Savor the nourishing selection of rich, invigorating broths that will transport your taste buds back to those lazy Sunday suppers of yore. From classic Hungarian meat soup to comforting chicken and pea broth, and the iconic Jókai bean soup, there’s a flavourful feast for everyone! Pop by this charming spot for a jar of soul-soothing goodness and enjoy the ultimate comfort food experience that warms both body and spirit.

1066 Budapest, Zichy Jenő utca 43. | Facebook


Beer & Food: Tiltott Csíki Söröző

Embark on an amber adventure to Szeklerland at Tiltott Csíki Söröző, where Transylvanian flavours and craft beers come together in perfect harmony! Located near Mechwart liget, this vibrant restaurant embodies its brand philosophy: natural ingredients, a touch of Szekler love, and dishes that “refresh, nourish, and cheer.” Immerse yourself in the exquisite assortment of top-tier Transylvanian brews, beer spirits, liqueurs, and non-alcoholic libations, accompanied by robust Transylvanian-Hungarian fare, from goulash soup and pork knuckles to mici with homemade mustard and French fries.

1024 Budapest, Keleti Károly utca 9. | Facebook

Tiltott Csíki Söröző
Photo credit: Tiltott Csíki Söröző (Facebook)

Café: Massolit Books & Café

This charming hideaway offers a welcome respite from the city’s bustling streets, enveloping you in a world of towering bookshelves brimming with foreign-language editions and vintage furniture that exudes hospitality and intimacy, catering to both your intellectual and social needs. Massolit is the ideal venue to delve into literary bliss as you curl up with a good book and a steaming cup of coffee, but it’s also worth a visit if you’re looking for someplace to catch up with old friends over a delicious pastry and freshly brewed beverages.

1072 Budapest, Nagy Diófa utca 30. | Facebook

Massolit Books & Café
Photo credit: Dolli Sutus

Brunch: Caphe by Hai Nam

Prepare to be whisked away on a whirlwind of wondrous flavours at Caphe by Hai Nam, Budapest’s beguiling Asian coffee haven! Nestled on vibrant Bartók Béla Boulevard, this trendy nook entices with a mouthwatering Vietnamese brunch menu that’ll set your taste buds tingling. Feast on yummy banh mi sandwiches, pillowy steamed bao burgers, dainty rice pancakes, or the irresistible banh mi chao breakfast dish, and don’t forget to complement your culinary journey with a traditional Vietnamese coffee or a premium tea specialty.

1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 35. | Facebook

Caphe by Hai Nam
Photo credit: Caphe by Hai Nam (Facebook)

Editor’s Pick: Tölcsibe

Pamper yourself with a palatable reinterpretation of classic chicken wraps at Tölcsibe, where they master the art of tantalizing street food. Their unique signature dish features succulent chicken filet (or a veggie-friendly jackfruit alternative) lovingly cradled in a tempting waffle cone. Each cone is lavishly adorned with a medley of sauces, crispy French fries, tortilla chips, and colourful vegetables, ensuring a satisfying and flavoursome munching experience. With branches in both Újbuda and downtown Budapest, Tölcsibe’s innovative gastronomic delights are not to be missed.

1077 Budapest, Wesselényi utca 25. | 1111 Budapest, Budafoki út 16. | Facebook

Photo credit: Tölcsibe (Facebook)

Something Extra: Bubu Bubble Tea

With multiple locations across the city, Bubu Bubble Tea is a trailblazing tea shop chain that tempts locals and visitors alike with Asia’s number one coveted drink, combining an extensive selection of tea flavours with toothsome toppings such as jelly beans, tapioca, and fruit pearls, resulting in a customizable and visually appealing thirst quencher. Bubu also offers the opportunity to craft your personalized bubble tea at home with ingredients and tools available from their online store, allowing you to enjoy the bubbled beverage in the cozy comfort of your own space.

1052 Budapest, Petőfi Sándor utca 6. | 1066 Budapest, Teréz körút 38. | 1117 Budapest, Móricz Zsigmond körtér 16. | Facebook

Bubu Bubble Tea
Photo credit: Bubu Bubble Tea (Facebook)