Brunch Bliss Budapest – Funzine’s Top Two Picks

The first meal of the day is important for a number of reasons. Let our guide help you make it as enjoyable as possible.

Honey Budapest

Located close to St. Stephen’s Basilica, Honey Budapest offers hearty and healthy meals in a charming environment right in the heart of the city. As opposed to the liveliness this area radiates, Honey’s atmosphere is peaceful and welcoming. The lovely, recently expanded eatery serves exquisite, taste-bud pampering food creations (such as the fantastic black bagel stuffed with smoked salmon, red onion-caper cream cheese and fresh salad) as well as refreshing drinks, including cocktails, coffee specialties and more.

Honey Brunch
Photo: Honey Brunch

Whether it is a classic sweet or savoury breakfast, bistro food or a Hungarian meal you choose to sate your hunger with, you won’t be disappointed. If you arrive in the afternoon, try one of their new cocktails with an ingredient that won’t come as a big surprise: honey. The restaurant is open every day until 6 PM. On weekdays visit them from 8 AM, at weekends, it opens an hour later.

1051 Budapest, Sas utca 4. | Facebook

Honey Brunch Budapest
Photo: Honey Brunch

Cafe Brunch Budapest

When we try to envision the perfect day-starter meal, what we think of are freshly baked bread and pastries, flavourful egg dishes, yummy sandwiches, freshly squeezed orange juice, delicious smoothies and tasty milkshakes, for instance. Of course, the comfort and tranquillity of the location, as well as attentive service are just as important as the food itself, not mentioning the appealing plate presentation.

Cafe Bunch
Photo: Cafe Brunch Bazilika

If a dining experience described as above sounds inviting, we recommend you visiting any of Cafe Brunch Budapest’s 5 downtown units. Not only will you fill your stomach but also recharge your batteries. They’ve recently opened their own bakery where desserts and sourdough bread are also produced. Breakfast and brunch are served all-day every day from 8 AM, while a light lunch is available from 11.30 AM. In addition, you can order from the cocktail menu in the afternoon.

5 locations in Budapest | Website

Cafe Brunch
Photo: Cafe Brunch