What’s New in Budapest: 8 Places to Visit in January

May the new year be filled with top-notch venues like the ones you see below.

Minute Lounge & Bar

Located on classy Andrássy út, Minute Lounge & Bar combines the atmosphere of a relaxing lounge and a buzzing bar, awaiting guests with a range of unique drinks and authentic bar snacks in an elegant art deco environment. Go for the venue’s experimental cocktails such as the signature Pho’Eva, made up of tequila, Fino Sherry, pho syrup, lime, and chilli, or ask for a timeless favourite, and pair it with one of Minute’s unmatched tarte flambée variations, delicious mini burgers, or a serving of choice olives.

1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 8.


A close relative of tapas, pintxo (or pincho) is a type of small bar snack native to northern Spain. The main difference between a tapa and a pintxo is that the latter is usually spiked with a toothpick to a piece of bread. Found on the corner of Egyetem tér, Pintxo offers guests an ever-changing variety of tapas and pintxos, prepared solely from Spanish-sourced ingredients, accompanied by Spanish and Basque wine specialties, as well as desserts like the Catalan Requesón con miel y nueces, a heavenly cottage cheese treat.

1053 Budapest, Henszlmann Imre utca 1.

The Magic

Harry Potter fans, this one’s for you! Situated just a stone’s throw away from the Opera House, opposite one of downtown’s loveliest Art Nouveau apartment houses, The Magic prides itself on being Budapest’s first enchanted castle, charming your senses with a jaw-dropping interior, magical burgers, mystic waffles, and miraculous potions (sadly, they’re all non-alcoholic). Whether you’re a true wizard or a mere muggle, The Magic will put a spell on you through its unusual ambience, friendly staff, and creative cuisine.

1065 Budapest, Hajós utca 25.


At 5villa, every dish was composed to last you exactly five forkfuls, giving you the possibility to taste as many items off the menu as you please. Offering a colourful variety of international flavours in the daytime (including duck consommé with julienne vegetables and ravioli stuffed with duck breast, and honey-soya-chilli-ginger flavoured roasted pork underbelly with stewed green peas), when the clock strikes midnight on the weekend, the whole venue transforms into a busy party place, where kicking cocktails and awesome wine take center stage.

1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede utca 2.

Zing Burger

Known for their delicious, homemade sauces, freshly baked buns, Grand Prix-winning tomatoes, and first-rate beef patties, Zing has become Budapest’s most popular Hungarian burger franchises since completing their first order back in 2013. Now, the chain opened its ninth location in the city: located on busy Kálvin tér, the venue awaits you with seven types of burgers, a number of Philly cheese steak sandwiches, salads, and a range of snacks, from jalapeno poppers to Buffalo chicken wings.

1053 Budapest, Kálvin tér 5.


Bali is a long way from Europe, but thanks to Kolosy tér’s brand new opening, you can now indulge in its rich cuisine without having to leave Budapest. Hidden inside the Kolosy Shopping Mall, Asli entices your taste buds with an array of authentic Indonesian dishes, sweets, snacks, and beverages, offering a truly unique culinary experience. Whether you opt for a bowl of gulai kambing (a type of spicy lamb curry), a plate of beef rendang (similar to Hungarian stews), or a serving of pempek (a savoury fishcake delicacy), you will definitely want to come back for more.

1036 Budapest, Kolosy tér 5.


At the recently opened PHO18 located on bustling Ráday utca, often referred to as the SoHo of Budapest, everything revolves around the eponymous Vietnamese street food dish, popularized around the world by the refugees of the Vietnam War. The hearty and filling noodle soup (complete with various herbs such as bok choy, coriander, green onions and chilli) is available in vegetarian, beef, and chicken varieties, while they also serve probably the best spring rolls in town. PHO18 is open from Monday to Saturday between 11 AM and 10 PM.

1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 14.

Vivina Café

Opened by a freshly engaged couple in the beginning of December, and found within a few minutes’ walk from Kálvin tér, Vivina Café is a cozy little coffee house providing guests with black brew and light roasted specialties from Siófok’s highly esteemed Café Maran, an assortment of matcha teas and chais, hot chocolate, free-from-everything confectioneries, and a whole lot of love. Drop by for an invigorating espresso and give Vivina’s fresh-out-of-the-oven Danish snails a try anytime between 7 AM and 6 PM during the weekdays, and from 8 AM till 3 PM on Saturday.

1056 Budapest, Szerb utca 17-19.