Funzine Insider: This Is How We Spend October

October brings us autumn weather, Halloween, national holidays and great programs.

Zsófi, project manager

My favourite place: Café Zsivágó

With October just around the corner, I visit more and more frequently the cosy places where I can sip on my favourite cup of coffee or tea complete with a butter croissant. If you long for a true hideaway far from the hustle and bustle of the city, you’ll love Café Zsivágó for sure, located under 55 Paulay Ede utca. Time stopped there, thanks to the vintage interior design and its typical lights, photos and antique pieces of furniture that dominate the two floors. Don’t forget to taste the craft beers the café offers: the Békésszentandrási Fekete and the characteristic flavoured wheat beers are especially recommended.

My favourite program: Outings

As there’s nothing like autumn vibes, when the season starts, I try to devote some time to outdoor programs with friends and family every weekend. There’s no need to travel far from Budapest if you want to spend time outdoors, there are several scenic places 30 minutes from the city centre. One of my favourites is Normafa that can be reached by chairlift from Zugliget which is a true adventure. Besides a dozen of hiking routes, you shouldn’t miss climbing up to Erzsébet Lookout Tower that is the highest point of Budapest and offers a wonderful panorama over the city. At least one autumn visit to Normafa is a must!

Linda, sales manager

My favourite place: Pocak Maci Milk Bar

My new favourite place is Pocak Maci Milk Bar located in Lövőház utca, to which I live quite close so I’m pretty biased about this neighbourhood. You have to know that I’m a vegetarian, but my boyfriend is eager to eat a 1.5 kg steak any time of the day. It’s common that a simple discussion on where we should eat out turns into an argument, so when I found Pocak Maci, which offers “not Greek but vegetarian salad,” veggie burgers, different kinds of grilled cheese, and sugar free desserts, I was on cloud nine. It’s great that my boyfriend can also choose from a range of meat dishes, and we don’t need to order food from two distinct places. Those on a special diet (or anyone who long for something light for dinner) will also find something to their liking.

My favourite program: Pole dancing

Pole dancing, silk, hammock… they don’t mean much to many! Most people have no idea how a 90-minute pole dancing class is spent. It’s challenging and doesn’t have anything to do with exhibitionism, but it does require a great deal of humbleness. Pole dancing is an efficient way of exercise, it helps you switch off your mind, stretch your muscles, and work on your spinal mobility. I go to Szíriusz Aerial Acrobatics and Pole Dancing Studio that is situated in a friendly little street close to Mammut Shopping Centre, where helpful trainers make sure we won’t fall on our heads! Everyone is highly recommended to visit the studio as they have amateur and professional classes.

Dolli, editor

My favourite place: Magvető Café

If I need some time alone, I often find myself in Magvető Café, a cosy little venue situated on Dohány utca that is always filled with silently working and reading students and freelancers during the day. When the sun goes down, the café which also functions as a bookshop, transforms into a cultural hub for bookworms who attend the book launches, theatre performances, interesting talks on all kinds of topics, etc. organized by Magvető. The café also boasts a nice selection of gorgeous cakes and sandwiches, but I never felt disappointed looking at their drink list either: I always find something that matches my mood, let it be a cup of freshly roasted coffee or a thrilling novel.

My favourite program: Book launch

Margó Literature Festival and Book Fair, held between 10 and 13 October, has invited one of the most prominent American writers of the 21th century: André Aciman, the man who pinned down the touching love story of Elio and Oliver, aka the writer of Call Me By Your Name (you must have heard about its Oscar nominated film adaptation starring Timothée Chalamet). Aciman visits Hungary to launch his brand new book – a sequel to Call Me By Your Name – titled Find Me that revolves around Elio’s father, Samuel who experiences a life-changing encounter on a train ride to visit his son, now an accomplished pianist. Write down 11 October in your calendar, listen to Aciman’s thrilling thoughts on the book, and join us in the queue leading up to his dedication table.