PLÁZS Siófok is Ready for the Summer

For those of you who don’t know, Lake Balaton is also called the Hungarian sea. And just like those coastline towns which are among the best party destinations, the summer capital of our country, Siófok (located on the southern bank) goes into action too.

In the past, Siófok was knowns as a charming city that comes out of its daytime hibernation only at the evening. But nowadays it offers plenty of entertainment to its visitors all day long. Its name had welded together with a popular summertime location, PLÁZS Siófok, a splendid white-sand plage where you’ll find everything essential for the perfect holiday. Other than sunbathing or splashing in the lake during the day, several sports activities (Scitec Muscle Beach, for instance) are awaiting holiday-goers, and the plage’s food court is also there to serve the needs. Then, when the night comes, PLÁZS turns on the party mode.

The first items on the list of evening programs is Viktor Király and popular band Magna Cum Laude who are scheduled to perform on the 3-day weekend between 17-19 May which is it is completely free to attend. The official season-opening takes place after Whitsun; Palace Dance Club’s unmissable party kicks off summer at 8 June in a new location, at PLÁZS Arena, but first, Hungarian hip-hop band Bëlga and rapper Krúbi warm up the crowd on the stage. On 9 June, two iconic Hungarian bands (Bikini, and Republic) will walk onto the stage with a performance followed by Dj Dominique, Kozmix, and an adored musician couple, György Korda and Klári Balázs.

Get the party started!

In the weekends to come, several must-attend events are scheduled. Among the performers there are popular Hungarian singers and music collaborations such as Ákos, Majka, Tamás Horváth, Halott Pénz, Wellhello, Cloud 9+, Follow the Flow, Fritz Kalkbrenner and Neoton, presenting completely different genres so that everyone would find what’s right up their street. Party people, make sure to check out Viki Metzker’s upbeat DJ-set and the popular party-series, Necc Party (with the greatest hits of the ‘90’s) too.

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