Your Go-To Guide for Biking Around Lake Balaton

Planning a trip with your family or friends? Whether you’re a casual rider or a pro, you can create your own biking routes!

Photo: Balatonbike65

Check out or download the ‘the best app of 2021,’ BB365 on your phone! You’ll find 1000 km of bike paths, over 70 themed tours, 22 rest stops, 5 service centres, and 3600 cool, mostly bike-friendly spots and services. It’s super easy to plan a bike tour around Balaton, a weekend getaway, or even a full vacation. Plus, the app lets you track the kilometres you ride.

Lake Balaton also has a 400 km Cycling Adventure Circle that goes all the way around the lake. This fully signposted route, marked in both directions, mixes easy and tough sections and doesn’t follow the usual bike paths. You can complete the tour in 12 sections, and there’s a guaranteed prize waiting for you at the finish line.

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