Signs That You Are Becoming Hungarian Part 1

Weather you lived in Budapest for a decade or a few months, you might have realized, that your taste or daily habitat changed. Does this change mean, that you became a little bit Hungarian? Well, if you recognize at least 6 of the symptoms beneath, it surely does!

You notice that the Hungarian language actually makes sense.

You put tejföl on everything. Salad, pizza, pasta.

You constantly refer to Balaton as a sea.

You know the difference between gulyás, halászlé and pörkölt. And get offended when someone switches them up.

You got used to meeting 12 groups celebrating a bride-to-be or a groom-to-be every Friday night. You take a photo with them, sign their T-shirts, take a shot together, or show them the best bar without blinking an eye.

You haven’t been to H&M since you have discovered the vintage and secondhand shops.

You can’t imagine your life without Túró Rudi. Cottage cheese with chocolate? Hell yes!

You noticed that pálinka doesn’t burn your insides anymore. You probably got used to it.

In fact, you like it.

At one point you’ve come to the realization that you and your friends are probably drinking too much. At another point you’ve stopped bothering. It’s Budapest. It’s okay. You are in the best company.

To be continued!