5 Reasons Why Lake Balaton’s Southeastern Shore is Worth a Visit

The southeastern shore of Lake Balaton is rich in must-visit attractions. Let us show you where to gaze at the northern shoreline and where to find the widest view over the beautiful Hungarian sea, while listing some of the sights you can’t miss when in the region.

Castle of Fehérkő, Kereki

Located south from Balatonföldvár, in the village of Kereki, a walking trail made of wooden planks guides you to the medieval castle. The recent renovation has also included the addition of a new panorama terrace to the region’s only surviving stone castle. Found at 283 meters high, the ruins provide a wonderful panorama to the nearby Kőröshegy Viaduct and the silhouettes of the northern mountains in the distance.

Fehérkő vára
Photo: Attila Varga

Kőhegy Lookout Tower, Zamárdi

An unparalleled view awaits us at the top of Kőhegy that can be easily accessible by bike and on foot. Although you have to climb the stairs to get to the round shaped Kőhegy Lookout Tower, the panorama is worth all the effort. Built at 219.8 meters high in 2000, the construction unveils the north of Lake Balaton, Tihany Peninsula right against us, and the nearby romantic cellar row from a bird’s eye view.

Photo: Zsombor Györkő

Viaduct Fishing Lake, Kőröshegy

The property surrounding the Széchenyi Hunting Lodge in Kőröshegy gives home to the Viaduct Fishing Lake on 5 hectares, with a significant fish population that makes the place very popular among local fishermen. A great number of big fish inhabit the 2-meter-deep lake, such as different variations of carps, sanders, northern pikes, and breams. Additionally, the lake lets us see the Kőröshegy Viaduct from a whole new perspective.

völgyhídi horgásztó
Photo: Zsombor Györkő

The Shore of Balatonvilágos

If you love romantic sunsets by the lake, head to the shore of Balatonvilágos for a one-of-a-kind sunset cinema. Besides memorable summer sunsets, the spot also reveals the widest panorama over Lake Balaton. It goes without saying that the whole of the eastern shore can be seen from Balatonvilágos. Make sure you stop and spend some quality time gazing at this spectacular view.

Photo: Zsombor Györkő

Szólád Loess Cellar Row

The European and Henry Ford Award-winner Szólád Loess Cellar Row is a definite must-visit attraction of the southeastern shore. Carved in 6-8 meters high loess walls, the cellars were once used as hiding places; later they were used for storing wine and crops. Many of them continue to house wine, as the walls of the loess cellars keep the inside at 15 degrees Celsius all year round. The cellar row gives home to several local gatherings.

Szóládi löszpincesor
Photo: Zsuzsanna Sáfárné Udvardy