Lake Balaton’s Gems: 5 Places to Visit on the Northeastern Shore

If you’re looking for places at the northeastern shore of Lake Balaton to enjoy a panorama over the whole lake, the next tips are for you! Pay these picturesque spots a visit when out and about, and don’t forget to take photos on the way. The view will certainly make you pull out your camera.

Blessed Virgin Church, Dörgicse

Giving home to three medieval church ruins, Dörgicse gives most other villages of the area a run for their money. Our favourite of the trio is the 13th century Church of the Blessed Virgin, located atop Gernye Hill. Despite having been abandoned in the 18th century, its three-storey tower is still an imposing sight. The meadow next to the ruins offers a great view to the lake, and makes a perfect place for a nice picnic!

Photo: Zsolt Czillinger 

Királykő, Kapolcs

Situated above the lovely village of Kapolcs, the monumental basalt columns of Királykő (King Stone) are said to be the remnants of an ancient fortress which legend has it, belonged to Attila the Hun himself. Nowadays, the imposing boulder serves as a popular viewpoint to the Eger Valley, yet one can still see the reminders of Attila’s time in the form of earthen ramparts that demarcate an area of 80×50 meters.

Photo: Péter Szuditsch 

Őrtorony Lookout Tower, Tihany

Őrtorony Lookout Tower is located at Tihany Peninsula, offering an all-round panoramic view of the whole lake and its surroundings. If you are visiting on a cloudless day, you can also see the outlines of Bakony Mountain in the north and Somogy Mountain in the distance. The unique tower is located on the edge of a former volcano crater, so looking down gives an extraordinary glimpse into the former volcanic activity.

Photo: Tímea Tokaji 

Somlyó Mountain Lookout Tower, Alsóörs

The recently renovated, three-storey Somlyó Mountain Lookout Tower offers one of the most beautiful panoramas over Lake Balaton. A 74-step spiral staircase runs up to the 17.5 meters high wooden tower. Considering the height of the tower, it’s no wonder the whole of Lake Balaton and the nearby villages can be seen from here. Explore this wonderful area for yourself, and let its versatility sweep you off your feet!

Somlyó-hegyi kilátó
Photo: Norbert Kerekes

Öskü Round Church

One of the plateaus of Bakony Mountain gives home to the Round Church of Öskü, known for its unique dome. The Roman-style church is one of the oldest in Hungary, as it was built in the 11th century. The monument boasts a semi-circular shrine, porthole windows, and a hemispherical tiled roof. There’s no evidence proving its origins, some say it used to be a Turkish mosque, while others think of it as a dungeon.

Ösküi kerektemplom
Photo: Márton Vizy