9 Reasons Why Hungary is Unforgettable

Hungary is known for the plethora of smart and beautiful people who were born here, having those award-wining Hungarian genes. One might wonder: what makes this little country a goldmine of talent? Find out in the list below! 

Vitamin C

Albert Szent-Györgyi might not have invented the vitamin itself, but he was the one who found it in “paprika”, a vegetable all Hungarians love. Just imagine a world without Vitamin-C supplements, and with a never ending flu.

Ballpoint pens

Remember how difficult it was to write using only a fountain pen? Yeah, me neither. But it must have been pretty tough, and László Bíró was the one who saved the writers from it by inventing the ballpoint pen.


Rubik’s Cube

You might go crazy til you finally learn how to solve this colorful little cube. But once you manage to deal with it, you will thank God for Ernő Rubik, the Hungarian architect who invented it.


Electric trains and trams

Kálmán Kandó invented the three-phase motor and generator needed for electric railways, and earned the title: “the father of the electric train”. Without him, there would be much more traffic and air pollution.



Well, this one might not play a huge role in your life, but without Dennis Gabor (in Hungarian: Gábor Dénes) Luke would have never seen Leila as a hologram asking for help in Star Wars. And who knows, holography might replace Face-time in a few years!


The Hungarian DNA

Plenty of actors, singers and sportspeople were born in Hungary: Ferenc Puskás, Ferenc Liszt, Béla Bartók, Zoltán Kodály (among others, who you will recognize them from their characteristic names). But a great many, for example Tony Curtis, Rachel Weis, Drew Barrymore, Alanis Morissette, Adrian Brody, Peter Falk, Goldie Hawn, Joaquin Phoenix, Calvin Klein, Estée Lauder, Gene Simmons and Robert Capa are/were all of Hungarian origin.



Wine, pálinka, Unicum, fröccs, champagne… Hungary is rich in most sources of alcohol. Weather you are looking for something strong or something to drink in the daytime, this is the country you will find it in. Read our guide HERE.


Túró Rudi

The dessert a whole county is addicted to. These little sticks made of cottage cheese (túró) covered in chocolate are only avalible in Hungary. They come in different sizes and tables, and beside the supermarket’s shelves, you might find them in some universities and other institutions as well, in vending machines decorated with red dots. Everyone living in Hungary must taste it, but be careful: once you leave the country, you will beg your friends to send you some by post.



Last, but not least: the capital is 100% made in Hungary (featuring artists like Gustave Eiffel). This magical, vibrant city contains a piece of everything Hungary should be acknowledged for: the art scene, the nature, the parties, the gastronomy and the architecture, of course.