Say No to Xmas Craziness

It’s Christmas morning, and you haven’t wrapped the presents or decorated the tree but you have made a mess in the kitchen and forgotten about buying gift for the uncle no one likes. Does it sound familiar? We have a few tips on how not to spend the most beautiful time of the year like this.

Schedule your exams and prepare for the end of the year rush

Mark all the important days in your notebook, including the date of exams, the necessary time period for studying, Christmas parties and the deadlines of home assignments. The earlier you start, the better!

Tame your relatives

Cut the drama this year and get loose of the old habit that says the female members of the family need to do all the cooking. No one should spend the whole Christmas day in the kitchen, nor go bankrupt to buy all the things the family likes. Divide the money and the dishes among yourselves, or just order something and spend some quality time together instead.

Do the shopping in time

We have all experienced what it’s like to stand in endless queues in the mall, or lose your temper when you’re trying to get hold of presents a day before Christmas. It is not the best way to prepare for the holidays, to say the least. Think ahead, and purchase the gifts in advance! If you need some money before the holidays, visit!