Budapest’s Top 5 Christmas Treasures

Embark on a festive journey as we unveil the holiday gems awaiting you in and around Budapest, from elegant cafés and soulful music to gourmet dining and enchanting markets.

Historical Splendour: Párisi Passage Restaurant

Found inside the iconic Párisi Udvar, an opulent, turn of the century shopping arcade featuring a blend of Arabic, Moorish and Art Nouveau styles, the Párisi Passage Restaurant awaits guests in an awe-inspiring, truly unique, historical environment. Adorned with majolica tiles, Murano glass mosaics, and a breathtaking crystal dome, it is composed of a café, a champagne bar, and a restaurant. It’s offers you decadent cakes, over fifty different French champagnes, and classic dishes of Hungarian gastronomy, accompanied by the sound of lively chitter-chatter during the day and soothing piano tunes by night. Make a reservation today and revel in the cozy, festive ambience!

1053 Budapest, Ferenciek tere 10. | Website

Párisi Udvar Hotel Budapest
Photo credit: Párisi Udvar Hotel Budapest

Music to Yule Ears: Organ Concerts at the Basilica

Experience the magic of the holiday season at the magnificent St. Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest with their special organ concerts, featuring talented soloists to add a touch of colour and excitement. Every Friday at 8 PM, you can enjoy exclusive performances on the Basilica’s historic organ, manufactured in 1905. On 2 and 5 January, St. Stephen’s invites you to attend their festive New Year’s Organ Concerts for an unforgettable musical celebration. Ticket | s can be purchased on-site or online at

1051 Budapest, Szent István tér 1. | Website

St. Stephen Basilica
Photo credit: Shutterstock

Waterfront Feast: Robinson Restaurant

Nestled on a quaint island within Budapest’s most picturesque park, Robinson Restaurant is an homage to Defoe’s marooned protagonist. Established in 1989, this enchanting lakeside establishment accommodates patrons across two levels with a seasonally influenced menu that highlights both international and Hungarian fare. From marinated Norwegian salmon to oven baked truffle gnocchi and delectable Hortobágyi meat pancakes, Robinson whisks you away on a worldwide culinary adventure. During the chillier months, be sure to savour their exceptional fisherman’s soup – a divine comfort for the soul!

1146 Budapest, City Park Lake | Website

Robinson restaurant Budapest
Photo Credit: Robinson Restaurant Budapest

Charmers’ Market: Óbuda Advent

Lose yourself in the enchanting atmosphere at Óbuda Advent, taking place between 1 and 23 December on Óbuda’s historic Baroque main square. Organized each year on the district’s cobblestoned piazza lit up by twinkling fairy lights and surrounded by enchanting buildings from a bygone era, the festivities boast a Christmas House with handicraft workshops for kids, free ice-skating rink, a rich gastro selection of local and foreign treats, and live music concerts, creating an unforgettable small-town vibe. Don’t miss the chance to ride in a dazzling reindeer-drawn sleigh with your loved ones and make sure to capture the moment with a selfie!

1033 Budapest, Fő tér | Website

Advent Óbudán Facebook
Photo credit: Advent Óbudán (Facebook)

Holiday Trip: Szentendre

Located a 40-minute train ride from Budapest’s Batthyány Square and nestled along the Danube river, Szentendre is a picturesque destination known for its vibrant Baroque houses, art galleries, church towers, snug cafés, and cobblestoned streets – all wrapped in a captivating Mediterranean atmosphere. While exploring Szentendre, don’t miss the lively Christmas market, where you can browse from a range of artisan cheeses, mulled fruit wines, hearty eats, unique designer pieces, and other seasonal trinkets. And to add some further festive cheer to your visit, be sure to stop by the enchanting and free to attend Christmas Museum, making your Szentendre adventure even more magical!

2000 Szentendre, Bercsényi utca 1.

Advent Szentendrén (Facebook)
Photo credit: Advent Szentendrén (Facebook)