Cash to Splash

Survive the heat wave by the beach! Check out all 3 nearby lakes located less than 1 hour away from Budapest, and find out how to finance the trip!

Lake Rukkel

10 waterslides, water ski, and many other possibilities are awaiting the fans of water sports at Lake Rukkel. Doesn’t it sound like the perfect getaway with friends?

Forrás: Rukkel-tó Waterpark – Wakeboardpark

Lake Lupa

„Budapest’s coastline”, the gorgeous LUPA Beach is a must-visit. If you are looking for a rather relaxing spot around the lake, lay your towel on the sand at the wallet-friendly Bay Beach.

Forrás: Lupa Tó Official

Lake Palatinus

One of the clearest lakes in the country, Palatinus is located in Esztergom’s green suburbs, approachable by car, bus, and train. Find two beaches there: one is ideal for a relaxing time with shade trees, while the other is more like a party destination.

Forrás: Palatinus-tó

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