The Best Places to Make a Splash in the City of Budapest this Summer

Hot summer days shouldn’t stop you from stepping out of the air-conditioned house. Budapest has a lot to offer, let’s take a look at some lovely beaches and pools worth visiting in the Hungarian capital city. 

Lupa Beach

On a hot summer day, there’s nothing better than chilling on the beach with a glass of refreshing drink in hand. Our go-to location is Lupa Beach, the capital city’s own version of a riviera. Visitors can expect a white sandy beach, crystal clear water, a chill atmosphere, and different water sports.

Palatinus Bath

Located in the heart of Budapest, Palatinus is a beloved spot at Margaret Island. The facility has 14 indoor and outdoor pools including a renowned wave pool, a children’s pool, and thermal pools. Family-friendly Palatinus has four awesome slides, and we guarantee that they deliver on the fun factor.


Széchenyi Bath

Probably the most famous in Budapest, Széchenyi Bath is a tourist-favorite thanks to its central location and Instagram-worthy outdoor pool area, among other things. Organized on Friday nights, ColorBath parties are an extraordinary way to experience the ancient bath culture of the capital city.

Széchenyi Bath

Sho Beach

Nearby south Buda’s Kopaszi-gát, one can find the peaceful oasis of a bikini-clad crowd. If you enter the sandy beach, you will immediately spot comfortable sunbeds and beach umbrellas that provide shade from the sun. When you get hungry or thirsty, look no further than the incredible MÁK terrace.

Sho Beach

Csillaghegyi Bath

Embraced by greenery, Csillaghegyi Bath is situated in Buda. It was built on the hillside which makes the panorama from the saunas and the pools extremely beautiful. Whether you would like to swim a few laps, try the water slides or enjoy what the wellness zone can offer, you’ll be pleased.


Dagály Baths

Népfürdő Street’s legendary Dagály Bath was originally opened in 1948. Complete with a wellness facility, outdoor pool area overlooking river Danube and the Buda Hills, and competitive swimming pools, the recently renovated bath complex is a popular choice for beach-goers in the hottest summer days.

Dagály Bath