Szputnyik: Ugly Sweaters, It Is Time to Take Over!

As Szputnyik has been saying it for years, you shouldn’t take life too seriously, especially around Christmas, the celebration of happiness and unconditional love.

Wearing an unusual, funny, and rather ugly jumper won’t raise an eyebrow among friends or family members, what is more, you can show up even at work in a knitted, kitschy sweater. There is one rule: wear them whenever and wherever you want, and believe us, your presence will light up the mood at the office’s Christmas party and the festive family dinner too, for sure!

This year, Szputnyik wanted to make sure nobody is left out of the fun: they stocked up with the most ridiculous ugly, unique vintage sweaters and jumpers that don’t lack controversial elements either. Horny reindeers and flashy Santa are all part of the collection, it’s on you whether you dare to rock those questionable pieces or not!

If you are invited to an „Ugly Christmas Sweaters Only” party, all you have to do is decide on a theme first: Santa, reindeers, snowman or any Christmas element that comes to your mind. Be creative, be bold! In our eyes, this sweater mania is anything but lame. Don’t let anyone bring you down with their negative opinions, they have no idea what they are missing out on!

There is no Christmas without Ugly Sweaters anymore; establish new traditions and choose an Ugly Christmas Sweater for yourself and your loved ones from Szputnyik’s biggest selection ever! (Find out more, follow them on Instagram and Facebook!)

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