Verzio Documentary Film Festival

’Open your mind, and look at the world with a fresh perception’ – this could be the motto of the 14. Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, which provides a list of colorful cultural events in Budapest, Pécs and Szeged.

Since the turn of the century, the popularity of documentary films have risen significantly, thanks to the lowering trust in the media. Dziga Vertov (1896-1954), a Soviet pioneer documentarist is famous for expressing his thoughts on documentary filmmaking as ’deciphering in a new way a world unknown’ to the audience, which still lives on as a relevant influence and inspiration to directors all around the world.

If you are interested in real stories and creative films in general, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on these events. Organized by Blinken OSA Archive and Verzio Film Foundation, Verzio Film Festival creates a great a platform for teaching how to explore the diversity of the world with a creative and critical approach, via the selection of the best documentaries.

Are you a film lover or documentarian yourself? The info-rich program includes International Panorama, Hungarian Panorama, Student Film Competition as well as DocLab production workshop, and masterclasses on the social impact of documentaries available not only to the professionals of the film industry. Choose from a series of thematic programs such as ‘War and Peace 2.0’ which offers an insight into living through the war from the refugees’ perspective, or the ‘PhotoFilm’ event, where filmmakers, media artists and theorists will discuss some of the most exciting audiovisual media developments.

Be creative, be critical, be there!

Get in the mood by attending the opening screening in Trafó (41 Liliom utca, 1094 Budapest) on 14 November, at 7 PM. For the full list of programs please check out the official website of Verzio Filmfest.