Go To The Beach With This Cool High-tech Personal Locker

Until now, the only way to protect your personal belongings from the thieving look of malicious elements at the beach and still have them close by (the use of a locker room is both cumbersome and inconvenient) was to cover them with a towel, and hoping that no one will be smart enough to look underneath while you’re refreshing yourself in the glimmering blue waters.

Not anymore! BeachEgg, an invention and product of Gergő Halmi and Balázs Csapó, provides you with a comfortable and high-tech solution to the problem of having a carefree time at the beach and keeping your valuables secure. How it works? Simple: before you rent a BeachEgg a photo will be taken of you, so that the security personnel can easily identify who’s authorized to use it and who’s not. Once you arm your BeachEgg with all your valuables inside, the in-built GPS tracking system and the motion detection feature kicks in, so that if anyone tries to hatch it or take it from its place, the egg will sound a loud alarm and send signals to the guard’s tablet. Using the GPS coordinates, the guard approaches the scene and if the stored photo doesn’t match with the individual handling the egg, he will kindly ask them to leave other’s property alone.

The next time you go to the beach, look for the BeachEgg station, or if there isn’t one, ask for it!

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