Tesla Budapest Klub

Tesla opened as one of the biggest clubs in Budapest. The programme is built around intelligent

P2 Premier Club

After so many years of experience, our possibilities and goals have finally met and we have created


A fancy venue that consists of several parts, satisfying everyone’s wish. They have a pub, a


Come and stop by for a beer or two! Chill with your friends and forget all your problems while you


We are your hottest summer resort, in the middle of the city, by the shore of The Danube. Escape the

360 Bar

If you are fed up with all the grey things happen to you on the ground, and you desire to be among

Füge Udvar

A lively, colorful ruin-pub in Klauzál street. Just like a friend! Beyond the heated garden, there

Fogas Ház

Mixing ruin pub with culture! If you find the discreet old sign in Akácfa street “Fogasor javítás”