We are your hottest summer resort, in the middle of the city, by the shore of The Danube. Escape the downtown hustle and bustle, experience the unique waterfront atmosphere, right next to the river bank! All day long relaxation in the shade of the Chain Bridge’s stone lions, in a company of a fruit smoothie or an ice-cold rosé spritzer, with a classic hake & chips in your hand, and a shisha on your side. Enjoy the sunshine on the terrace, or cool off on the ground floor – the breathtaking view free of charge.
Life doesn’t stop at night on the beach! As the sun disappears behind the Dome of Buda Castle, the city’s best cocktail masters draw forth their most precious long drink recipes and shot-specialtys, the soft deep vocals and smiling nu disco beats get louder, and we move as one under the open sky until dawn…

raqpart – this summer will be longer than you think!