Jurányi Art Incubator House

Jurányi Art Incubator House was opened in autumn of 2012. The building was renovated by FÜGE Productions and the leader of FÜGE Productions, Viktória Kulcsár. The venue is located on the Buda side, where theatres can be hardly found. The building used to be a school and it is rented from the local government. On nearly 6500 m², on 5 levels more than 15 theatre and dance companies and several other organizations have found their home. Theatre companies like Viktor Bodó’s Szputnyik Shipping Company, Vilmos Vajdai’s TÁP Theatre, György Árvai’s Collective of Natural Art Disaster, HoppArt Company, Gólem, Open Circle Association; or dance companies like The Symptoms, Duda Éva Dance Company, Zéró Balett, Katlan Group and Workshop Foundation are renting offices and/or rehearsal spaces. Other artistic groups as Inventio Arts, Binaura or fashion workshops like Lucky Sheperd have their own venues here as well. Not only theatre companies but also music groups, like Bélaműhely have their own storeroom here.T hese and other groups can show their production in several premises: in a big theatre hall or in a smaller studio. The house includes Hungary’s probably first set design and costume rental service, and there will also work a set design workshop and a show room. The Jurányi Incubator House contains a coffee shop and an art gallery, as well.