UP! the club

Designer interior, modern structure, friendly atmosphere, two halls, diverse music styles and incredible parties every weekend – the perfect club experience is guaranteed meanwhile Budapest lies in front of you.

We are talking about Fehérvári street’s trendiest fourth floor, where all the youngsters have showned up who are wishing for unrestrained party. Legendary party series and the strongest DJ crew of all lifts you up to the clouds of entertainment. It’s worth to leave the Pest side of the nightlife for this! Every Fridays and Saturdays there are two halls with different music genre to satisfy all the needs from minimal or techhouse

Coronita Daily Parties and night-through events, as Coro Night and Day, The Night of 100 Champagne, Bank Dance Hall Classic or Single Parties promise you released, energetic parties and they chose UP! as their headquarters for a reason. Likewise the resident DJ-s of the shows: DJ Free, Jolly, Magonyi L, the Coronita crew Deep Junior, Andrewboy who participates from the beginnings; ManicN, Stick since many years; Goldsound, Miamisoul, Steve Judge,b, Purebeat are the newest favourites, who give their votes to UP! The Club hand in hand with the audience.

Therefore head to UP! The Club every weekend, if you desire unadulterated club-experience and amazing party!