Not Your Usual Souvenir Hunt: Visit Gozsdu Weekend Market

Open between 10 AM and 5 PM, from Friday to Mondays this summer, stopping by buzzing Gozsdu Weekend Market offers more than a simple shopping experience.

Located at the centre of Budapest’s party district, Gozsdu Udvar welcomes visitors with great bars and restaurants, lovely decoration, fun activities and a cozy atmosphere. Sights not to miss in close proximity are St. Stephen’s Basilica, Anker Palace, the Underground Railway Museum, Budapest’s famous Fashion Street, the Great Synagogue, and the Ferris Wheel, just to mention a few. Therefore, we suggest you hop in while you are on a sightseeing walk to take a break, refresh yourself, relax a little and try the local cuisine. Then, find the perfect handmade gift or souvenir whether it is an antique gem, or your new favourite home décor item at Gozsdu Weekend Market.

1075 Budapest, Király utca 13. | Weboldal

Gozsdu Weekend Market
Photo: Shutterstock