Budapest from New Perspectives: Land, Air & Water

It is what you don’t outright see that makes a big city like Budapest truly unique. The beautiful Hungarian capital has a lot to offer, and to prove our point, we present to you three cool ways (plus an unexpected twist) to explore the city. 

Land: Segway Tour

Discovering Budapest’s historic sights on foot is perfectly fine but if we were you, we would switch things up a little and take part in an organized Segway tour. The experience of sight-seeing is elevated to a higher level thanks to these neat gadgets which are actually safe to use and perfect for everyone. Brought to you by Segway Tours Budapest, the self-balancing, fun-to-drive vehicles are ridden in the presence of a professional tour guide who will provide you with fascinating facts about the city.

Air: Balloon Lookout

City Park is renowned for its green areas, running track, child-favorite playground, seasonal ice court, Vajdahunyad Castle, as well as the recently constructed, award-winning House of Hungarian Music. One of its newest attractions is a lookout point you would probably never think of: a gigantic red and white striped, tethered gas balloon that travels up to 150 meters above Budapest. It offers a bird’s eye view over the city, passengers will see nearby Heroes’ Square and Széchenyi Bath among other sights.

Photo: Hegybíró Miklós

Water: Folklore Cruise

River Danube plays an important role in the life of Budapest. The reason is, it divides the city into two parts, and since it flows through the heart of the city, where most of our world-famous sights reside, it greatly defines the landscape. The thematic Folklore Cruise provides passengers with a new look at classic destinations such as the Hungarian Parliament or the over 100-year-old Margaret Bridge, what is more, it offers a complete gastronomical and cultural package complete with heavenly meals and live folk music.

+1: Gozsdu Weekend Market

Cozy Gozsdu Courtyard might be known as the heart of Budapest’s party district, but it is also full of life during the daytime. The legendary location has a reputation for the fun and colorful events it gives home to, one of which is the popular Gozsdu Weekend Market, a street market organized every weekend of the year. At each occasion, stalls are filled with all kinds of unique, handmade goodies including beautiful ornaments, accessories and fashionable clothing items. It is worth looking around.

Gozsdu Weekend Market

Budapest has so many faces, the more of its bucket-list worthy gems you get to know, the more you’ll fall in love with the city. Click to find out more about the coolest beaches and poolside spots!