Danube Bank Bucket List: 8 Go-To Spots along the River

Walking along the Danube Embankment is not only a nice idea because it offers a spectacular view of the city but it also connects some of the most famous sights and places in the Hungarian capital.

The House of Parliament

Undoubtedly, Hungary’s most symbolic building is the House of Parliament which serves as the location to the National Assembly and is considered one of the most stunning such buildings in the world. Designed by famous Hungarian architect Imre Steindl, the site has been a World Heritage since 2011. It is home to Hungary’s legislative body and the Holy Crown, and it is also the workplace of 199 MPs and their support staff. A few feet away from the building, there is the special Shoes on the Danube Bank monument which was erected in 2005, honouring the Jews who were massacred during the Second World War.

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Discover the City from Tram No. 2

Are you mesmerized by the charming trams of Lisbon? Or tired after a long day of sightseeing and would like to see the most scenic parts of the city while sitting down? If we have sparked your interest, do not miss out on travelling on tramline No. 2, one of the most famous tramlines running on the bank of the Danube. The tram travels between Közvágóhíd and Jászai Mari Square, next to iconic buildings such as the House of Parliament, the Chain Bridge and the National Theatre. If you would like to take the experience to the next level and travel by a nostalgia tram, check the schedule online!


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Budapest on Bike

Budapest is definitely a perfect place for biking, as it is easy to discover by the several biking routes of the city. One of the best routes to explore on two wheels is cycling from Margaret Bridge to Liberty Bridge on the Buda side, which allows you to delve into the dazzling panorama of the House of Parliament. In case you would like to add extra stops to your tour, you can also try bike sharing, which allows you to leave your bike in the designated areas. This way, you can also visit Margaret Island or Gellért Hill on the way.

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Danube Cruises

A great way to explore the Danube Bank from a very special point of view is to get on one of the cruise ships, offering thematic routes for a personalized experience. There are several options which you can choose from, whether you want to get a historic overview of the city, learn about the different artistic sights, or enjoy a full dinner experience with live music. Various cruises include stops where you can get on and off at the most famous landmarks, spend as much time there as you wish, and hop on to the next charter. Cruising on the Danube is truly an unforgettable experience, so it is a must if you are visiting!

Nehru Bank

If you need a rest and wish to discover a less touristy, yet marvellous part along the river, stop at Nehru Bank, a homey parkland which is very well-loved by locals. It has mostly become popular in the last few years due to recent renovations, resulting in more green areas, sports facilities, and benches. You can also visit one of the most characteristic and unique buildings of Budapest called Bálna, which is a commercial, cultural and entertainment centre. In case you fancy a drink or want to admire the dazzling sunset from a perfect spot, find a seat at one of the many bars around the park.

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If you think that the riverside boasts only historic sights, you are wrong, as SHO BEACH offers a natural beach in the middle of the city. Soft green lawns, comfortable sun beds, the hot sand and the cool water are all essential for a perfect relaxing summer day. If you prefer having a more active resting day, you can also ride a SUP or a kayak, or try TeqBall. Naturally, there is no perfect beach day without yummy food, but do not worry, the beach bar has got you covered with their delicious street food and refreshing drinks provided by the iconic MÁK restaurant. In case you prefer a sit-down restaurant, try the fine bistro kitchen of SHO restaurant bar & café only 50 meters from the beach.

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Concerts on the River

The ships on the Danube do not only serve as a way of sightseeing but many of them house popular concerts of both upcoming artists and well-known bands. One of the most popular places is A38 Ship, offering five concert halls, a fabulous view and attracting a colourful local crowd. If you love staying onboard, visit Pontoon, a uniquely designed boat, anchored at the Pest pillar of the iconic Chain Bridge, inviting you to great parties with cool drinks and good vibes.

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Roman Beach

This once hidden gem of the city has been attracting more and more people, both locals and tourists, as the approximately 5 kilometres long shore is full of laid-back venues and exciting things to do. Roman Beach is arguably one of the highlights of Budapest visits in the summer, as the downtown area can get too warm on the super sunny days, so it is always nice to cool down in the shades and enjoy a refreshing cold drink at one of the bars along the shore. Besides chilling at one of the bistros, we recommend visiting Fellini, where you can also attend open-air concerts and watch the latest movie hits in the open-air cinema.

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