6 Guided Tours Inside the Outstanding Buildings of Budapest

If you are mesmerized by the charming buildings of the Hungarian capital, you would like to discover them from the inside out and get to know every little secret, this guide is for you!

Guided Tour in the House of Music, Hungary

Deemed by the international profession as one of the most anticipated buildings of the world in 2021, the multiple award-winning House of Music, Hungary welcomes visitors with a lot of surprises and reveals interesting details throughout the 1-hour long tour. The guides talk about the innovative design of the House of Music, how it blends into nature as envisioned by its architect, Sou Fujimoto, while also unveil how music is intrinsic to the building both on the inside and on the outside. Visitors will also learn about the exhibitions and events organized here, which you can visit before or after the tour which does not include entry to the exhibitions and the Sound Dome.

1146 Budapest, Olof Palme sétány 3. | Website

Photo: Egy jó kép az utazásról

Museum of Ethnography Building Tour

The impressive building of the Museum of Ethnography is decorated with beautiful and unique details, which makes it one of the most interesting buildings of the city. The guided tour reveals all of these while you are shown around the most important spaces of the building, including the visual depository holding ceramics from all over the world as well as the main attraction of the Visitor Centre, namely the Golden Age of Budapest and the Liget Project mock-ups. While the 1-hour long tour gives a glimpse into the atmosphere of the museum, to get a full picture of its content, purchase a ticket for the exhibition as well!

1146 Budapest, Dózsa György út 35. | Website

Photo: Palkó György

Opera House Tour

Since 15 March 2022, the Opera House guided tours have been available again for lovers of architecture and culture at the completely restored gem of the Andrassy Avenue. Get to know how this citadel of opera and ballet has been reborn, how the beautiful interior has regained its former glory, and what innovations have been installed to enable the staging of spectacular productions. In case you prefer to visit alone, private tours are also available. In case you want to get the full experience, make sure to check the programme to attend a show!

1075 Budapest, Síp utca 12. | Website

Photo: Egy jó kép az utazásról

Pesti Vigadó Tour

If you wish to explore all the spaces in Pesti Vigadó, while you get to know the history of the building and the interesting stories connected to this monument, you can choose from two options: join a historic walk tour or book a private guided tour. If you would like to delve into the Pesti Vigadó experience more extensively and get to know every detail, visit the interesting current exhibitions before or after your tour. At the ground floor you can also enjoy the famous Hungarian cuisine.

1051 Budapest, Vigadó tér 2. | Website

Photo: vigado.hu

Dohány Street Synagogue Tour

While there are several different walking tours of the Jewish Quarter, the main attraction is definitely the Dohány Street Synagogue which is the largest synagogue in Europe and the second largest in the world. Its huge size and the large number of seats demonstrates the significance and the high economic and cultural standards of the Budapest Jewry of the age, making it the highlight of each tour. Open to visitors from Monday to Friday, the Synagogue is still predominantly a venue of worship but it also houses cultural programmes, such as concerts. You can buy tickets to discover the famous historic site by yourself, however if you want to know every single detail about the building and its history, join one of the tours listed on the website.

1074 Budapest, Dohány utca 2. | Website

Photo: Getty Images