This Charming Little Inn Serves Delicious Brunch by the Danube

Within a pleasant, seven-minute walking distance from the cathedral of Vác, you’ll find the familial little inn of Lujza & Koriander, where comfort is not the only reason for a visit.

A Dream Come True by the Danube

Levente Pajor and his wife, Dorka had dreamt about opening an inn by the ocean or in the mountains for years, for which they had collected inspirations from around the world during their travels. They were joined by Levi’s sister Heni, who had already run a bakery shop in Buda that was eventually closed because of the everyday commute from the city of Vác.

In 2018, a property along the bank of River Danube in Vác was put up for sale, and it was just perfect for the three to launch their first joint business and realize their year-long dreams. This is how the family inn of Lujza & Koriander opened as Vác’s newest café, breakfast place, bakery shop, and guesthouse.


They renovated the house, built a cosy terrace, and managed to keep some of their original idea about a waterside inn, as the venue is located very close to the Danube. The name Lujza & Koriander refers to their symbiosis: ‘Lujza’ is Heni’s childhood nickname, while ‘koriander’ (cilantro) is Dorka’s favourite herb that is featured in many of their dishes. The ‘&’ represents Levi, who binds the girls together.

Guest Rooms with a Theme

There are eight rooms in the guesthouse, six of which face River Danube and all are equipped with a balcony. The serenely minimalist bedrooms were named after the herbs and spices that are used in the kitchen for making delicious foods and drinks, such as Room Elderberry, Camomile, Rosemary or Vanilla. The colours of the rooms also match the herb it was named after.


The house also boasts a sauna, and you can rent e-bikes too if you feel like cycling in the beautiful landscape of the Danube Bend.

Sustainability in Spotlight

The Lujza & Koriander team strives to purchase everything that’s needed locally, starting from the ingredients to workforce and platters. They compost fruit and vegetable scraps and peels, as well as coffee grounds, whereas leftovers are shared among staff members or they organize a so-called Family Meal gathering for the team, where they use up all the extra food.

What’s more, plastic bottled drinks are not sold at Lujza & Koriander, and they also re-use rainwater. It’s no surprise they won the Inspiring Sustainable Restaurant title of Hungarian non-profit organization Felelős Gasztrohős (literally translates to Responsible Gastro Hero).

For Lujza & Koriander, sustainability and a homely environment are equally important.


The familial atmosphere is also present in the kitchen, as two chefs join Dorka to create wonderful dishes together. In the bakery (Ribizli Édesműhely), a team of Heni and two other confectioners make heavenly pastries and uniquely designed cakes, sometimes for special occasions.

Levi has a passion for coffee, so he is responsible for everything regarding coffee and decides what kind of blend they use, while he also runs the errands of the inn.


Seasonal ingredients and international flavours

All courses on the always changing menu are made from healthy and mostly seasonal ingredients. As all three of the owners love Eastern and Middle-Eastern food, the flavours of these cuisines are often present in the dishes of Lujza & Koriander.

The apple juice come from Hungarian mountain range Börzsöny, the fruit syrups are made from the fruit of Nógrád county in Vác, a small farm in Verőce provide them with meat, while a bakery in Göd brings them the sourdough bread.

They pay special attention to people with food intolerance and allergies, so that they could also consume delicious food and cakes at Lujza & Koriander.

Additionally, weekly changing lunch offers are available, which locals couldn’t be happier about.


Following Levi’s recommendations, we tasted the coated sourdough bread with Parmesan cheese, homemade cream cheese, and fresh vegetables, which turned out to be the best decision possible. If you long for something sweet, we dare you to try the L & K pancakes that are made from banana and oats, served with pistachio cashew cream, lyophilized raspberries, and fresh fruits. Choose any of the dishes, and make sure you order one of the fine specialty coffees too!

Lujza & Koriander
2006 Vác, Ady Endre sétány 5.