Women’s Day vs. Y Generáció Student Employment Agency

Women deserve to be treated with love and respect all around the year, and to show how much they are appreciated and recall memories of the women’s right movement for equality, we celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March.

International Women’s Day was first organized on the last Sunday of February in 1909 in the US, but only became official after German revolutionary Clara Zetkin proposed 8 March to be the day that annually honours working women. At the time, the focal point was to draw attention to women’s fight to win the right to vote.

In Hungary, the special day was already established before World War I, but only became “obligatory” in the Rákosi Era. The United Nations declared the celebration of women official in 1977. If you want to surprise the most special ladies in your life, Y Generáció student employment agency will help you find a suitable job to cover your expenses and more.