5+1 Breath-taking Rose Gardens in Budapest

Even a buzzing capital city like Budapest has its soft, tranquil side. Now that spring is on full swing, take advantage of the warmer temperatures and visit Budapest’s mesmerizing rose gardens. We’ll take the lead and show you where to find them.


Budatétény (aka District XXII) is home to an impressive, 2.5-hectare rose garden which is actually the biggest rose-growing area in Budapest. The park also holds the title of “Hungary’s Biggest Rose Gene Bank” thanks to its 9000 planted roses and a breeding history of 6-7 decades. The recreational garden has several benches placed along its stone-covered pathways where you can physically and mentally recharge. From 8 to 9 June, the park hosts a garden-hack and flower grooming themed event, BLOOM Fest, where all plant-enthusiasts are welcome.

1223 Budapest, Budatétényi út 188-190. | Facebook

Budatétényi rózsakert
Photo: Tóth Magdolna

House of the Hungarian Millennium

While on your quest to finding City Park’s gorgeous rose garden, we recommend typing “Millennium Háza” into your GPS. The outstanding building you’ll head towards is the House of the Hungarian Millennium, decorated with unique Zsolnay ceramics on its façade. Once you are there, you’ll notice the colourful rose arbour right in front of it, covered with 1500 fragrant flowers. The beautiful Zsolnay well in the middle, designed to harmonize with the building’s romantic features, adds even more charm to the already eye-appealing location.

1146 Budapest, Olof Palme sétány 1. | Website

Millenium Háza rózsakert
Photo: Szilárd Enikő

Szent István Park

Formally an industrial area, Szent István Park’s current location has undergone a transformation and became Újlipótváros’ beloved green oasis circa 90 years ago. Not only does it attract families with a sandy playground but also invites flower-lovers who want to admire its blooming garden and pergola covered with masses of highly scented, beautiful roses, bred by Hungarian garden cultivation expert Gergely Márk. The park has a number of different tree species too: one can find acacia, linden, birch and catalpa trees, the latter of which is under protection.

Szent István park rózsakert
Photo: Szilárd Enikő

Margaret Island

One of Budapesters’ favourite chill-out places, Margaret Island is known for its running track, a musical fountain, a Japanese garden, Dominican convent ruins, an open-air theatre and a mini zoo which is right next to a beautiful rose garden. The queen of flowers has been present at Margaret Island for hundreds of years, hence it is impossible to imagine it without the unparalleled fragrance. While the island’s colourful flowers are only starting to bloom in early summer, taking a walk in this peaceful (and pretty romantic) environment is worth your time.

Margitszigeti rózsakert
Photo: Hatvani Anikó

Rózsák tere

You don’t necessarily have to speak Hungarian to get the impression that the name Rózsák tere implies it has something to do with roses. And if that is what you suspect, you are right, because rózsa (plural: rózsák) actually means rose. The square bearing the name is known for its lovely flower garden; moreover, one of the city’s most beautiful and largest neo-Gothic churches can also be found there. Considering the inimitable, romantic ambiance, visiting Rózsák tere is a great idea for a first date or a romantic walk at any time of the day.

Rózsák tere rózsakert
Photo: László Orsolya

Gellért Hill

Surprising someone with flowers is quite common for any special occasion, why wouldn’t it be the case when a city celebrates its birthday? We are talking about Budapest’s 150th anniversary, which deserves to be marked by something extraordinary, hence the city got a whole rose garden. Gellért Hill’s newest attraction grows closely 3200 different types of roses, and all of them represent a city from where Budapest’s inhabitants come from. Since the flowers were planted last year, it is expected that finally we soon get to see the garden in all its glory.