The Ultimate Guide to Culture in Budapest: 5 Must-Visit Events

Spring might be the best time to visit the wonderful Hungarian capital, as it boasts so many appealing programs it’s impossible to choose only a few. The following ones, for sure, deserve your absolute attention!

Like The Gypsies

Experience all the colours of Roma culture during the Like the Gypsies event series that kick off on 15-16 April in Budapest. Organized for the very first time in Budapest, Like the Gypsies is a cultural mission launched by Laci Rácz, who is a proud descendant of famous Roma musicians. Held at 78 Dohány Street, Like the Gypsies boasts a versatile array of activities, including an introductory presentation with genuine Roma foods and drinks to try. What’s more, visitors can also learn how to sing, dance and play music – the Gypsy way. The highlight of the day is, without doubt, the live Gypsy concert, which will be accompanied by fortune-telling and blessing-giving sessions.


Dalí Exhibiton

The large-scale Dalí exhibition arrived to Budapest in late March, uniquely showcasing more than 150 artworks by the Catalan-Spanish genius to the Hungarian audience. Beside graphics, life-size statues, and other masterpieces unveiling Dalí’s ways of using diverse materials, an unforgettable VR experience completes the artistic journey. Putting the visitors’ perception of reality to the test, the surreal universe of Dalí is open until 30 June. Explore the mind-blowing labyrinths of this brilliant mastermind in Budapest’s Komplex at Király Street.


Dalí exhibition Budapest

Bartók Spring

The third Bartók Spring International Art Weeks kick off on 31 March 2023, offering a diverse line-up of cultural programs to the people of Budapest at a dozen of easy-to-access locations. Celebrating the Hungarian composer’s inspiring oeuvre, the festival presents world-renowned artists, as well as Hungary’s leading musicians, representing different genres throughout 17 days. One of Central Europe’s most recognized symphony orchestras, the Czech Philharmonic will open the festival that also features young Korean pianist Seong-Jin Cho, outstanding Hungarian violinist Kristóf Baráti, and the Austrian Klangforum Wien, among others.


Photo: Kelemen Barnabás

St. Stephen’s Hall

Roam around the renovated St. Stephen’s Hall in the breath-taking Buda Castle, and explore its unmatched exhibition! The digital guided tours offer a unique, interactive way to learn about the fascinating story of St. Stephen’s Hall and the age of the first Hungarian king. Contemporary installations tell you all about the hall and St. Stephen’s admonitions before stepping into the beautifully restored, historical lobby that can be accessed via the Lion Court or Palota Road. You can book your visit in advance at or purchase your ticket on the spot.


St. Stephen's Hall Budapest

Budapest Spring Festival

In the last four decades, Budapest Spring Festival has been promoting the latest cultural initiatives of the city, presenting the versatility of Budapest’s art scene to the people. Between 20 April and 2 May 2023, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the unification of Pest, Buda, and Óbuda, more than 50 programs revolve around everything that is Budapest today. From outdoor art exhibitions and theatre premieres to classical music concerts and film screenings, a wide range of exciting programs will be organized at different locations of the capital city.


Budapesti Tavaszi Fesztivál
Photo: Soós Bertalan