Happy Tummy, Happy You – Top Brunch Eateries in Budapest

When you are hungry, it can negatively impact your mood: you might become grouchy and impatient. It can be explained by the sudden drop in blood sugar. Don’t let it ruin your whole day! Fight off the hunger monster at one of the below brunch spots.

Marty’s Kitchen & Bar

Although time travelling, to our knowledge, is not possible yet, there is a downtown bistro where you might feel like you are back in the 60s and 70s. It is Marty’s, a place modern by all means, including its past-evoking interior dominated by powder pink colour and cherry-wood wall panels. The bistro brands itself as environmentally conscious (they are completely plastic-free), and constantly tries to keep up with the newest consumption trends. Offering international brunch specialties, classic Hungarian dishes, light business lunch menus, homemade confectionary products and tapas options for dinner, Marty’s makes sure to satisfy your hunger any part of the day. They prepare everything freshly on the spot, solely from raw ingredients provided by nature. Vegetarians and vegans, or people with intolerances (flour, diary) are more than welcome to test what the bistro has to offer too.

1051 Budapest, Vörösmarty tér 5.


Café Brunch & Brunch Bistro

Cafe Brunch Budapest and Brunch Bistro Budapest are two great breakfast & brunch spots. Their menu was inspired by Hungarian and international cuisine, and it has just been upgraded with delicious new dishes in early 2020. The new favourite is the avocado toast! They use artisan sourdough bread as the base which is then covered with a guacamole spread and topped with avocado slices, rocket and two poached eggs. Another very popular dish is Hungarian-style scrambled eggs with Hungarian sausage and a local spicy pepper that gives the meal a real kick. Both restaurants offer outside seating which is great since spring is just around the corner. Café Brunch is currently undergoing a major extension and refurbishment and will reopen in mid-March with even more seats both in and outside. As both restaurants are quite popular, make sure to book your table on their website well in advance.

Café Brunch Budapest near the Opera
1065 Budapest, Hajós utca 26/b

Brunch Bistro Budapest near St. Stephen’s Basilica
1065 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 19/b


Fiaker Budapest

Located between Madách tér and Gozsdu in downtown Budapest, Fiaker has a charming interior with pastel coloured walls, wooden surfaces and large wine shelves. Fiaker’s concept focuses on wines and sparkling wines from the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy; they have almost 400 bottles in the house. What’s more, you can taste exciting meals, like at imperial times, early in the morning after they open at 8 AM. The menu is complete with seasonal dishes and traditional meals with a modern touch, but a daily menu and late night dinner offers are also available. We got the chance to taste the heavenly and unexpected Eggs Benedict – trout combination and tarkedli, the Czech version of pancake with marmalade, which was amazing. Fiaker organizes a wide range of events from Sunday brunch occasions to wine dinners with live music. Make sure to check their Facebook page or message them to find out more; we totally recommend attending their upcoming brunch on 8 March.

1075 Budapest, Madách Imre út 11.


Budai 3

Budai Bakery chain’s only coffee shop that offers breakfast, Budai 3 is located in District XII, awaiting customers 7 days a week from 7.30 AM to 2.30 PM with fresh delicacies one can consume inside, or between March and November at the pretty terrace. Homemade pastries, tasty sandwiches and specialties like American pancake with maple syrup or granola with Greek yogurt and fresh fruits are all part of the food palette. From Monday to Friday, Budai 3 also invites everyone to take a seat and order some of its tempting meals around lunchtime, salads, vegan and vegetarian dishes included. Ever since Budai Bakery exists 4 of their cafés have been opened in District II and XII, as well as an artisan workshop where you can get a behind the scenes look at how pastries are made. Coffee lovers will adore this place; they can try products from artisan Hungarian and foreign roasteries.

1126 Budapest, Kiss János altábornagy u. 35/A

Budai 3

The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest

Embracing the spring, The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest welcomes this special time of the year with the celebration of three significant occasions close to our hearts. The luxury hotel invites all brunch lovers to Kupola Lounge’s iconic and elegant Sunday Brunch once a month from March to May with fresh springtime themes. Revel in diverse flavours and aromas and toast to the Ladies at The Ritz-Carlton’s Women’s Day Brunch on 8 March, spend a day with family and friends at the Easter Brunch on 12 April, and celebrate the gift of life at the Mother’s Day Brunch on 3 May. The colorful feasts will feature a lavish buffet with an artfully presented dessert selection and vibrant live music will set the mood for your Sunday afternoon. Expect creative, fun activities and an inviting ambiance beneath the hotel’s signature stained glass cupola and crystal chandelier. Booking: +36 1 429 5500.

1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér 9-10.


Mokka Cukka

There are two types of people: those who start their day early, and those who prefer an extra hour of sleep instead of having breakfast. Choosing is not necessary though, because eateries like Mokka Cukka (located a stone’s throw away from Szabadság tér and the Parliament), do not set any boundaries when it comes to brunch time. Order a scrumptious meal (let it be gluten free, vegan, vegetarian or meaty), from their menu that features both international and Hungarian breakfast bombs with a cup of their specialty coffee or one of their other caffeine superstars decorated with colourful latte art which looks almost too good to drink, by the way. If a filling Hungarian dish is what your taste buds desire, check out their daily lunch offers!

1054 Budapest, Báthory utca 3.

Mokka Cukka


If all you desire is a truly familial, tasty breakfast, you have to check out Kiskifli, a tiny special café in District XIII. The staff behind the counter makes sure you feel like home: they always have a few nice words to say and never shy away from having a friendly chat with frequenters, let it be breakfast or lunch time. You should definitely think of Kiskifli as your go-to brunch spot as their breakfast specialties, sandwiches (you can order gluten free!), salads and daily lunch offers are available from opening to closing hours. Have we mentioned that their whole cookie assortment is sugar free, with gluten and lactose free alternatives? Prices are low, the ambience is inviting, and if you are in a hurry, opt for the grab-and-go option!

1134 Budapest, Apály utca 2/b

Kiskifli brunch

Cup & Scoop

If mornings hit you hard, pick up a new habit: kick-start your day with an energy-boosting brunch! There is a place close to Andrássy út where stomach-pleasing food and full of flavour Illy coffee is served. Functioning both as a café and an ice cream shop, Cup & Scoop offers a list of delicious bites from heavenly sandwiches, soft and tasty bakery products made on the spot, waffles, freshly squeezed orange juice, teas and hot chocolate decorated with artisan marshmallows. The latter is produced in the building by the first Hungarian marshmallow manufactory, and it is available from autumn to spring. Cup & Scoop is open from 8 AM to 10 PM, stop by anytime to fill you up with hunger-fighting foods. After 5 PM, try the best hookah in town!

1062 Budapest, Rózsa utca 62.

Cup Scoop

Corso Restaurant & Terrace

Corso Restaurant’s all-you-can-eat Sunday Brunch events redefine the combination of breakfast and lunch. On the richly packed buffet tables you’ll spot not only classic breakfast specialties but traditional Hungarian dishes, French cheeses, different types of sushi, and a selection of mouth-watering desserts too. Every weekend more than 80 different dishes await flavour adventurers open to feast on gourmet delicacies for 3 hours straight. Other than the affordable, fixed price, we recommend you visit Corso Restaurant for the stunning panoramic view of Buda Castle! Visit the sanctuary of foodies, located by an imposing UNESCO world heritage site on the riverbank walkway, and if you aren’t on duty, go for the Champagne package!

1052 Budapest, Apáczai Csere János utca 12-14.

Corso Restaurant brunch

Empathy Cafe & Bistro

The Hungarian Red Cross operates Empathy Cafe & Bistro, Arany János utca’s disabled accessible, charity dining spot. They wish to bring people together; therefore their table is 16-metre long. The use of good quality seasonal (and local!) ingredients is a must, but since coffee does not grow in Hungarian soil, they order Bányai specialty coffee from a Costa Rica-based Hungarian man. Their tasty breakfast meals are everything: from the Empathy fit menu (it contains granola and Super juice) to vegetarian scrambled eggs and heavenly grilled sandwiches, you’ll find whatever your taste buds desire. We can’t help but mention their creative lunch menu too, in which a theme is dedicated to each day: vegan Monday and pizza Thursday are our favourites!

1051 Budapest, Arany János u. 31.


Andrássy Food &Wine

It is an unwritten rule that whenever you travel abroad, you have to try the local cuisine. In case you are looking for a Hungarian restaurant where disappointment is not an option, Andrássy is definitely a place to go. And it is located just a stone’s throw away from the easily accessible Oktogon! From 8 AM, you can cross the doorstep asking for a day starter meal such as the goofy named sunny side up eggs with Mangalitza ham or bacon, or a light and healthy meal full of important nutrients: yogurt with granola and fresh fruits.  How about trying craft goods, semolina pudding, scrambled eggs with various toppings, or frankfurter with mustard and bread? Regardless of what you order, your expectations will be fulfilled beyond your thoughts.

1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 41.