The Best Pancakes in Town

Observed in many countries over the world, Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday) does not have a fix date; preceding the period of Lent, it falls on a Tuesday after the 7th Sunday before Easter, this year on 25 February.

It is the last opportunity to eat up all the rich foods that fasting prohibits, including the dessert that’s flat alternative, crepe is very popular in Hungary. Here are 5 places where you can try them in Budapest!

Waffle Dog

But first, to kick off our list of delicious pancake sources, we start with a place where a traditional Dutch butter treat called poffertjes is sold. Looking like the tiny twin brother of fluffy American pancakes, Waffle Dog’s desserts come with dreamy toppings (hazelnut cream, caramel, all kinds of tasty chocolates, sauces and syrups) and a hint of love.


One of the capital city’s most known restaurant earned its spot in our selection for one simple reason: the Gundel crepe. It is an orange-chocolate-walnut flavored miracle offered in many restaurants all over the country, created by the former owners of Gundel, who composed the flavor orgy with the aim of reviving the family business. A whole nation thanks them for it.


Sweet and savory, normal and gigantic: all the aforementioned options are available at Bank 3, a downtown eatery where crepes are an inevitable part of the weekly menu every single day, either as a dessert or something else. Options include mouthwatering flavor combinations like cottage cheese cream with pear and cinnamon caramel, and elderberry jam with sweet yogurt.

Náncsi Néni’s Restaurant

By visiting Náncsi Néni’s, it is possible to relive the moments most Hungarians experienced in their childhood when their grandma made crepes for lunch. To evoke our lovely memories from the past, the homely restaurant offers all the classical fillings imaginable (cocoa, cinnamon, cottage cheese cream, hazelnut spread, and apricot jam), as well as a savory main dish, Hortobágy-style meat crepe.

Bajnok Palacsinta

Bajnok utca’s pancake paradise is dedicated to come up with revolutionary ideas when it comes to crepe making; they make crepes for dogs, pancake burgers, protein pancakes and enormous, 50 cm diameter crepes. Educating people on traditional crepe making (sharing recipes online and offline) and organizing crepe eating contests are also part of their profile.