4 Heartfelt Gifts for Valentine’s Day

In the United States alone, people spent close to 30 billion dollars on V-day gifts last year. Based on statistics, the average person left around 220 USD at the cashier. Before you faint from shock, let us make it clear that you do not need a deep pocket to surprise your other half with something special. To prove our point, we created the below selection.

Széchenyi Palm House

Your beloved will certainly appreciate some quality time spent together as a Valentine’s Day gift. There’s a green oasis with lots of plants on the top floor of Széchenyi Bath, where closeness to nature is combined with pampering self-care, away from the crowd. You can choose different packages from the Palm House’s services. Enjoy the thermal pools, reserve you manual therapy appointment in advance, or visit the aromatherapy room. All of the packages include unlimited fresh fruit bowls and herbal tea. You can fall asleep on elegant sofas or in hammocks while listening to relaxing music far away from the crowd. Bathing in the pools and relaxing in the Palm House is clearly an unbeatable combo and you can do them alternately. For details about the package deals (bath ticket + guaranteed entry to the relaxation zone), visit Széchenyi Palm House’s website!

1146 Budapest, Állatkerti körút 9-11.

Photo: Egy jó kép rólad (Kriszti Németh)


Everyone knows that in February the essence of timeless love lingers in the air somewhat more intensively than in any other parts of the year. As Lush always makes sure to shake up our daily routine, with special attention to holidays and important occasions, the brand debuted its Valentine’s Day collection earlier this year. To sail away on the waves of emotions, create a spectacle of strawberry-scented swirls by unlocking Lush’s colorful Love Locket Bath Bomb, or aboard the Love Boat Bath Bomb which takes you and your sweetheart on a romantic trip to the island of sun where orange and Sicilian lemon are grown. For a sensual skin-softening treatment, choose the Naked Attraction Massage Bar, or get your hands on a heartfelt Lush gift set!

1052 Budapest, Deák Ferenc utca 21.

Valentine's Day

Paint Together

As a couple, you can choose from a list of fun hobbies to do together in order to strengthen your relationship. Some enrol in a language course, others join the gym. Then there are those who decide to evoke their inner artists and do something creative. If the latter is what you want to try your hand at, attend FessNeki’s painting workshops where an instructor will walk you through the process of making art. The hosts of the workshops are incredibly patient and helpful, and the atmosphere is always calm and joyful. Your team of two will reproduce a famous painter’s artwork in a 70×55 cm canvas. Don’t worry, nobody expects the next Monet to show up. Paint at your own pace, make memories (and art) together! That’s the definition of quality time.

1075 Budapest, Károly krt. 13-15.


Valentine’s Day Dinner

To impress your other half big time, you have to come up with an idea that is original and not like something you would do on an average weekday. A pool of pink balloons or teddy bears and a rock-sized engagement ring are cool, but how about an elegant and romantic dinner cruise with rose petals and sparkling wine? The best thing is that if you choose Silverline’s Valentine’s Day package, you do not even have to lift your finger to get it all organized since the company takes care of everything; all you need to do is book a ticket and show up. Prepare yourself (and your taste buds) for a delightful date night out; among a list of meals, a heart-shaped appetizer and a tasty dessert provided by Szamos confectionery will be served.