The Best Hot Chocolate Bars in Budapest

What is good hot chocolate like? What is the right consistency? After tirelessly browsing on the internet with the desire of finding answers, we came across an article that stated to have the experts’ view on the topic.

hot chocolate Budapest

Everyone agrees that without premium quality ingredients, we can only dream of creating the best hot chocolate ever. Considering the richness of the silky, warming drink, opinions are divided though. The thickness of hot chocolate can range from nearly brownie-batter consistency to water, and seems like it comes down solely to personal preferences. If you are up for the challenge, visit all of the following hot (chocolate) spots and find your favourite!


Espressoul’s team uses high quality chocolate pastilles when creating their gorgeous drinks, all of which cost less than 1000 HUF. The selection consists of 5 options: dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, dulcey (white chocolate with caramel) and a sugarfree variant.

Ahoy! Café

Ahoy! won our hearts with its colourfully decorated, creamy sensations (made of Belgian chocolate) which are available in at least 14 flavours, from chili to salty caramel and lavender. The number of toppings and sauces is also pretty amazing, and regarding the consistency, guests can decide.

Azték Choxolat

If 14 flavours are not enough, Azték Choxolat’s drink menu, featuring almost 60 types of coffee and hot chocolate variants, will surely blow your mind away. The ingredients are quality chocolate, whipped cream, and freshly ground coffee. Artisan chocolate specialties are also available at the same place.

Noir ChocoBar

How about a mug of Belgian dark, white, sugar or lactose free choco wonder with the topping of your choice, infused with flavours like coconut, walnut, mango & rose or marzipan? If that’s not enough, Noir ChocoBar won’t shy away from spicing things up with cognac, whisky, or Dutch egg liqueur on request.

Rengeteg RomKafé

In an encyclopedia, Rengeteg RomKafé’s picture would surely be next to the words „charming” and “spoilt for choice”. The popular ruin café is packed with adorable teddy bears, and prepares insanely good, beautifully decorated hot chocolate of which hundreds of types can be ordered. If only you can choose!