Exclusive Guided Tours at the Hungarian National Museum

The Hungarian National Museum has just announced the launch of four thematic guided tours for individual visitors and families in English. Below, we’ll introduce you to two of them that will tell you all about Hungarian history and the people behind it.

On Fridays at 3 PM

Starting on 20 December, The 10 Most Unique Works of Art of the Hungarian National Museum tour guides you through Hungarian history from the coronation mantle to the 1990s. You can come across mysterious objects such as the ceremonial bone saddle allegedly owned by Dracula.

On Saturdays at 3 PM

Starting on 11 January, The Stormy 20th Century tour helps you discover the 20th century history in Hungary, from the Treaty of Trianon until the fall of communism in 1989.

For more information, send an email to tarlatv@hnm.hu, or call +36 1 327 7749.