Business Lunch in the City

Even in today’s hectic and technology-driven world, business lunch is an integral part of doing business. Lots of deals have been made over a great meal. Wherever you go, you represent your company’s name, and whatever deals are on the agenda are at stake. Make the gathering a good one! You must do your part to make a good impression and stay on task, but let Funzine help you pick the right restaurant.

Central Café & Restaurant

Central Café & Restaurant is a traditional and fancied venue for business meetings. Ever since its founding in 1887, Hungarian literature’s most prominent figures have been working within its walls, drinking coffee, while famous businessmen also stepped foot in the building. In the near past, Central’s chef reinvented the restaurant’s gastronomic assortment and designed a menu with perfect business meals. You’ll get value for money: it isn’t a coincidence that Central Café’s Friendly Lunch offers (on weekdays from noon to 3 PM – 2 courses: 2450 HUF, 3 courses: 2990 HUF) have already become customer favourites. The always bubbly Pest vibrates through Central, where people make important business decisions between a tasty main course and a delicious dessert. Friendship can be found in business; to encourage this perspective, Central makes sure its guest enjoy the elegant surroundings.

Costes Downtown

Costes Downtown, the sister restaurant of Costes (the first Michelin-star-awarded restaurant in Hungary) was opened in June 2015 and was awarded with its own Michelin star already in March 2016. The ambience is more laid back, bistro-style with natural elements used both as furniture and décor. The restaurant, located in the elegant Prestige Hotel, is accessible via a private street entrance, and it is open every day of the week (6.30 AM to midnight), offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The standards are overseen by executive chef Miguel Vieira. The dishes are prepared in an open kitchen, next to which is a chef’s table for serious culinary fans seeking a unique dining experience.

Nobu Budapest

Housed inside Kempinski Hotel Corvinus, Nobu Budapest is the first Central European member of the avant-garde Japanese restaurant chain started by chef Nobu Matsuhisa and actor Robert De Niro. Head chef Gábor Schreiner is in charge of presenting Japanese-Peruvian flavours in Nobu-style, including mind-blowing seafood creations such as fresh seabass and passion fruit ceviche, alongside Nobu’s world-famous signature dishes. Visit Nobu at lunchtime (between noon and 3.30 PM) on weekdays, and try the restaurant’s light and stylish business lunch. The 6,000 HUF meal includes a bowl of miso soup, the sushi chef’s special daily sushi selection and a scoop of ice cream.


DNB Budapest

Would you like to disconnect from your job during the lunch break? Is it important for you to consume something made of quality ingredients? Enjoy your off-work time to the fullest in downtown Budapest! A new addition to the city’s ever-evolving food and restaurant scene, DNB Budapest’s business lunch menu was designed especially for you. Looking out of the huge windows, you’ll be wowed by the exceptional panorama, and if the weather is nice, they serve lunch made from local, seasonal ingredients on the idyllic outdoor terrace. A 2-course lunch, available every weekday from noon to 3 PM, costs 3300 HUF, while a 3-course offer is only 4200 HUF and includes a glass of homemade lemonade or other refreshing beverages. Find the weekly menu on DNB’s Facebook page!


Városliget Café

When it comes to the most romantic locations of the capital city, Városliget Café & Restaurant is definitely making the top list. In the afternoon and evening hours the restaurant is characterized by a candle-lit, romantic atmosphere, while at noon, it serves as a great place for business meetings, only a few minutes away from the centre. Its management calls it a friendly living room, where unlimited WiFi, and wireless phone charging & printing options are available for guests. Around lunchtime, you can order food items off the menu, but it’s also worth taking a look at the monthly changing chef specialties. Regardless of what you pick, you’ll get a taste of the great Hungarian cuisine. Your business partner will be impressed!


Café Astoria

The iconic Danubius Hotel Astoria’s restaurant applies the harmonic fusion of tradition and 21st century dynamism & creativity, awaiting visitors with the sophisticated delights of the present. Café Astoria is a perfect location for a business meeting as well as a reunion with friends. Their artistically served meals impress even the biggest gourmet foodies who can choose from a menu featuring fresh flavours and bold pairings. Taste traditional Hungarian dishes, or kick off the day with a filling Astoria Breakfast consisting of specialties from Budapest, Vienna, Paris, and London. Thanks to the marble wall coverings and crystal chandeliers, the authentic coffee house atmosphere is guaranteed.


Mona Bar & Restaurant

Clear, classic elegance with a laid-back approach: that’s what describes Mona Bar & Restaurant, the newest addition to Budapest’s growing roster of restaurants, the best. And it’s not solely about the interior; Mona knows all the key factors that are essential for creating a good atmosphere. Located only a few minutes away from Chain Bridge’s Buda abutment, it’s the perfect venue for having lunch with a client or potential business partner. Get out of the concrete jungle, enjoy the special ambience, and try their weekly changing lunch menu or choose from the seasonal á la carte offers. It’s going to be a complete dining experience blending elegance and gracefulness; head to child and dog friendly Mona, where lunch equals with happy idle moments!


Vogue Boat Café & Restaurant

Exclusive as can be, Vogue Boat Café & Restaurant is anchored in quay Carl Lutz, offering an incomparable gastronomic voyage thanks to the fusion of different culinary styles and distinct flavours. Vogue’s meal novelties were composed to create a unique experience, in which tradition and modern trends go hand in hand, in perfect harmony regarding both the ingredients and the appearance. The boat’s historic past and the team’s international background add an interesting twist to the meals, while event facilities and special experiences are also provided as extra services. From the incredible food, picturesque panorama and elegant yacht atmosphere, everything about Vogue will impress your business partner for sure.


Wan Hao

Chinatown’s Wan Hao is known for its signature dim sum and awesome Cantonese meals including handmade Bao and Jiao served in bamboo baskets, and á la carte wok stir-fry. The restaurant offers authentic Chinese BBQ during the warmer months, awaiting lovers of traditional and oriental flavours under a huge marquee. It is the best place for a fast yet delicate business lunch; try the mouth-watering dim sum specialties, the palatable Cantonese fried noodle with beef, and the donburi (Japanese rice bowl), which you can order with a number of toppings. In case you’d go for something lighter, get the noodle salad with shredded chicken and bean sprouts. Keep in mind: Funzine readers are entitled to a 10% discount off their food consumption!


Montenegro Gurman Grill & Wine Bar

 It would be crazy not to multiply something that’s incredible: this is the idea behind Montenegro Gurman’s outstanding restaurant concept. Ready to open their newest, dog-friendly addition on Blaha Lujza tér soon, the exclusive venue will be the 4th (!) member of the Montenegro Gurman family that invites guests on a heavenly culinary journey, introducing the must-try specialties of the Serbian and Montenegrin cuisine. Breakfast alternatives are divine and filling, holiday vibes are in the air, and the place has such an inviting atmosphere that, after bringing your business partners there for lunch, you’ll want to return accompanied by friends for a light dinner. Experience an extra layer of gourmet sensation and feed all your senses by witnessing how freshly prepared meat meals, vegetarian food creations, crunchy salads and hand-kneaded doughs are made right in front of you in the open kitchen!


Búsuló Juhász Restaurant

Other than its name, not many things remained from the former Búsuló Juhász Restaurant. Many classic restaurants fail to reinvent themselves, but fortunately, in this case the management dreamed big, and how great they did! Today the restaurant shines in a new glory as one of Buda’s most liked eateries. Its special environment and location takes us above the city where an impressive panorama awaits guests, close enough to the centre of the capital city’s business life. The restaurant is easily accessible and parking places are granted, but these are only a few of those reasons that attract people who would like to have a nice meal on busy weekdays too.

As part of the renovation, the inner spaces were transformed into an elegant loft, and the design is both modern and comfortable. When it comes to food, executive chef Zoltán Danó, the master of reinventing is responsible for creating meals with a modern twist, regarding the look, flavours and ingredients of each dish. The menu features international meals and seasonal chef’s offers, as well as specialties like a whole superfood section. Búsuló Juhász’s private room, equipped with a bar, is also available for booking, rent it out for business lunches and other special events!


Make your lunch break the highlight of your day, accompanied by colleagues, friends, or business partners! Located in downtown Budapest, ARAZ awaits you with a cozy atmosphere, where, until the weather allows, you can take a seat at the restaurant’s open-air terrace. The always versatile, weekly changing lunch menu is composed by Chef de Cuisine Áron Barka, who designs exceptional meals based on seasonality, using the freshest of ingredients, following the newest culinary trends. Prices are extremely wallet-friendly: two courses cost 1990 HUF, while you can order a 3-course meal for only 2490 HUF. Don’t worry about parking, because the hotel’s underground garage is open for the restaurant’s guests for free until they finish their lunch. Meet you there? For details, go to


Zeya Fine BBQ Restaurant

Sas utca’s Zeya brought a completely unique concept to life: regardless of the season, the restaurant serves guests with the best and most flavoursome BBQ delicacies in a very special, fine dining setting. Hungarian gastronomy’s pioneers, three excellent chefs (Richárd Fábián, István Szűr, Ferenc Szabó) are responsible for creating Zeya’s meals that magically evoke the feeling of summer all year round. The triumvirate makes sure to use solely top ingredients, and thanks to their culinary curiosity and unbreakable enthusiasm, they never get tired of experimenting with different meat maturing processes and cooking methods. Their aim is to treat meat nobility the best possible way, giving them new life by emphasizing their characteristic and distinct flavours. The restaurant launches its brand new weekly changing menu on 9 September, promising mouth-wateringly tempting, beautifully served and reimagined BBQ meals. Being thirsty for a fresh and colourful cocktail or a good Gin Tonic with friends, colleagues, or family members is also a good reason for discovering the beautiful Zeya.