Szputnyik Runs a Festival Fever

If we had to choose only one shop to do our complete festival shopping, it would definitely be Szputnyik. These two stores are temples of mix and match, with altars of second-hand clothes and shrines to urban design. Support sustainable fashion, look amazing, and be environmentally conscious at the same time!

On top of all, Szputnyik’s products are also the perfect choice when you’re looking for the most unique and sustainable, world-favourite brands such as Fjallraven bags, TOMS, PAEZ or Dr.Martens shoes. It doesn’t really matter if you’re closer to killer rock or consider yourself more of the hippie persuasion; if you want unique designer items or interesting second-hand pieces, you don’t need to look further than Szputnyik.

Check out the shops’ incredible pieces personally in Dohány utca and Király utca, or take a look at the online selections in the webshop. You will find everything you were looking for. Be above the trends and show your true colours! Get inspired by affordable fashion and give your look a feeling of freedom and uncluttered creativity! Find Szputnyik on social media, click here or here!