E-magine Tours Make Sightseeing Even More Fun

Walking around a gorgeous city like Budapest is indeed a special, but rather tiring activity. What’s more, chances are you won’t be able to go through the long list of sights in a short time.

The good news is, E-Magine Tours has a solution up its sleeve: they organize new-wave sightseeing tours in Budapest, targeting people who would like to discover as much as possible in a relatively short amount of time. You can choose from two types of zero emission electric vehicles, both of which are 100% environmentally-friendly.

One of them is called MonsteRoller, an electric scooter equipped with extra wide tires and a seat that is placed lower than that of a bicycle’s, providing you with the feeling of safety. Its maximum speed is 25 k/h and anyone above age 16 is able to use it.

The Segway-ish Airwheel, on the other hand, has an engine power of 800 W, meaning it can easily take its passenger (above the age of 16) up the Gellért Hill. Thanks to its special lights, this vehicle is going to be your favourite night time get-around-vehicle.

If a group tour isn’t what you have in mind, take into consideration that these special vehicles are available for rent from E-Magine Tours. We are sure you don’t want to miss out on hearing all the urban legends and interesting facts about our beloved capital city, so keep in mind that hiring a professional guide is also an option. (Note: passengers from age 14 can use both the MonsteRoller and the Airwheel with professional guidance.)

Right now 6 different tours are available. One of them shows you Budapest at night, with all its illuminated buildings and bridges. Another one invites you to Margaret Island, a green oasis located in the heart of the city. First-time visitors of the Hungarian capital are suggested they book a ticket to the 3-hour long “Budapest All In” tour, with all the must-see destinations included.


When it comes to E-Magine Tours’ historic Castle District tour, we have first-hand experience: Funzine’s team have already tested the route, and we loved every second of it! Getting around in the city on wheels isn’t completely new to most of our colleagues, but this form of sightseeing was still a big surprise. It was lots of fun, and the vehicles were easy to use even for those who aren’t used to riding a scooter or a bike. (It takes about 15 minutes to learn.)

E-Magine Tours’ sightseeing adventures are available 7 days a week! Book an appointment online, and find out more about the company’s super cool services!

(Photos: E-Magine Tours Budapest)