What’s New in Budapest: 8 Places You Have to Visit in May

Budapest surprises us every month with yet further venues that are so cool we can’t stop visiting them.

Vegan Garden

The world’s first plant-based food yard reopened its metal gates at the end of March, with a colourful variety of food trucks offering an even more diverse set of eats than last year, from vegan burgers, chimney cake and ice creams to the delicious fares of Mexican, Indian, Jewish, and Middle Eastern cuisines. Located on a vacant lot in the heart of the Jewish District, Vegan Garden is a green oasis of meat- and dairy-free living, offering a distinctive and yummy culinary experience for both vegans and meat-eaters. Open every day from 11 AM to 11 PM.

1072 Budapest, Dob utca 40.

Green Platz Streetfood Bar

Located in sleepy and leafy Óbuda, only a couple of minutes’ walk from the romantic Római promenade, Green Platz Streetfood Bar is the brainchild of Paneer, Zabáljcsak!, Crepezilla and Kanálgép, some of the leading figures of the Hungarian food truck and street food scene. Open from Tuesday till Sunday, Green Platz specializes in All-American flavours, offering mouth-watering burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, BBQ dishes, as well as crepes (of both sweet and savoury varieties), fried and grilled cheeses, and meatballs.

1031 Budapest, Záhony utca 10.

Kata Restaurant

Just because a dish has no lactose or gluten in it, it can still taste heavenly. You don’t think so? Then drop by Kata Restaurant and let yourself be amazed. Found in the vicinity of the Opera House, this intimate venue offers guests beautifully presented lactose- and gluten-free meals, accompanied by a top notch service, with inexpensive lunch deals available from 12 PM. Whether you opt for Kata’s juicy beef burger, served with coleslaw and sweet potato fries or the decadent cognac goose liver terrine with balsamic red onion jam, you’ll leave the place a happy person.

1065 Budapest, Hajós utca 27.


Located at the western end of the Castle Tunnel, NOOR gives traditional Lebanese recipes a 21st century makeover, awaiting guests with an authentic atmosphere, shisha pipes, and the best dishes of the Middle Eastern country. The restaurant regularly organizes exotic belly dance shows, which you can enjoy while feasting on the kitchen’s stunning mezze selection, the flavourful chicken mixed grill, or the plate of spicy lamb sausages called makanek. Don’t forget to accompany your dinner with a creative cocktail for the complete NOOR experience!

1013 Budapest, Alagút utca 4.

Essence Delicates

Budapest’s newest deli and coffee shop welcomes gourmet customers with a wide range of Hungarian and foreign delicacies in Zugló, only ten minutes from the City Park. Stepping into the stylish store is like entering another realm: the shelves are packed with a beautifully rich selection of goodies, from wines and proseccos to olive oils, snacks and condiments, meats and spices, while the air is permeated by the smell of freshly pressed coffee, and the counter is filled to the brim with gorgeous pastries and sandwiches (available in gluten-, lactose, and sugar free varieties).

1149 Budapest, Nagy Lajos Király útja 181.

Piazza Budapest

After a seemingly endless winter break, the city’s favourite downtown terrace spot has opened its doors once again, awaiting Budapesters with a reimagined theme and a brand new name, decided by a public vote. Situated on Március 15. tér, just a stone’s throw away from the mighty Danube, Piazza Budapest lets you experience la dolce vita without having to book a plane ticket to Italy, through scrumptious oven-baked pizzas, artisanal gelatos, and refreshing aperitivos, all of them to be enjoyed in the company of your friends, with silky grass beneath your feet. Opening: 1 May.

1056 Budapest, Március 15. tér 2.

BARTÓK – reggel.délben.este

Bartók is the latest addition to the ever growing gastro scene of the lively Bartók Béla út, providing you with nourishing eats, delicious drinks, and a laid-back milieu – regardless of what time you drop by. From the picturesque smoked salmon rye sandwich topped with avocado and eggs through the healthy and filling Atlas bowl (composed of couscous, grilled veggies, chicken tagine, and fresh salad) to the wide range of tapas options, Bartók is a true treasure trove of tastes. As a proper gastro pub, Bartók also offers a variety of Hungarian wines and spirits, helping you get into the bohemian mood sip by sip.

1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 9.

Fasírt Kitchen

Every nation has its variation of the meatball: the Swedish have their kötbullar, the Turks swear on köfte, while us Hungarians pride ourselves on fasírt, a breadcrumb-covered take on the meaty treat. The self-service Fasírt Kitchen opened its doors in the heart of the inner city, offering four different types of meatballs, from the traditional pork version to truffle-beef, duck, and marrowbone varieties. If you think the meatballs alone won’t sate your hunger, ask for a side dish of potato chips, sweet potatoes, or broccoli salad, but mains like grilled chicken, liverwurst, and breaded pork cutlets are also available.

1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede utca 2.