Top Culinary Gems on the Northern Shore of Lake Balaton

Discover the finest restaurants and cafés on the northern shore of Lake Balaton, where breathtaking views meet delectable cuisine. From charming lakeside eateries to gourmet dining experiences, this guide highlights the must-visit spots for food lovers exploring Hungary’s stunning lakeside region.

Mandilla, Köveskál

At the Mandilla restaurant, hailed as Köveskál’s hidden gem, you’ll step into a lively Tuscan vibe while savouring exquisite dishes. Picture yourself reclining on the terrace, indulging in Mediterranean delights crafted from fresh, top-notch ingredients, all paired with exceptional wines that’ll leave even the most discerning foodies spellbound.

8274 Köveskál, Városkút u. 2. | Website

Photo: Mandilla

Vitéz Kürtős, Tihany

For a long time, many people encouraged the creators of Vitéz Kürtős to bring the sweet experience of chimney cakes to the shores of Lake Balaton. After a lengthy search, they found the perfect spot—one boasting the most breathtaking view of Lake Balaton.

When you think of the most idyllic spot, perhaps the area around Tihany’s Echo Hill and Lookout, along the Abbey Promenade, comes to mind first. It’s here that the Vitéz Kürtős bakery has been delighting guests for four years now. And let’s all agree, there’s nothing quite like savouring your favourite chimney cake while soaking in the view, with your legs dangling over the retaining wall along the Pisky Promenade.

And fear not, in Tihany, you needn’t miss out on the themed days either! Every month, one weekend is dedicated to chimney cakes made from gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free ingredients. During these themed weekends, you can also sample the vegan offerings. Furthermore, on certain weekends, you’ll have the chance to try the most extraordinary flavours, like the Chimney Fondue Variations and the filled chimney cake, known as the Kürtősbon.

8237 Tihany, Halász-köz 9. | Weboldal

Photo: Vitéz Kürtős

Borbarátok, Badacsonytomaj

The Borbarátok’s intergenerational tale began on the ancient estate in Badacsony, nurtured by their great-grandfather. Over nearly 100 years, the family’s hospitality has remained unchanged: delightful dishes that please both the eye and the taste buds, excellent wines, and memorable moments await guests here.

8258 Badacsonytomaj, Római út 88. | Website

Photo: Borbarátok Facebook

Rózy, Tapolca

Spring 2024 saw the grand opening of Rózy, nestled along the Tapolcai Creek. This cozy café, right in the heart of the city on the Malom-tó promenade, beckons weary wanderers to unwind by the water. Whether you’re craving delectable pastries or simply seeking refuge after a leisurely stroll, Rózy has you covered.

8300 Tapolca, Martinovics Ignác u. 3. | Facebook

Photo: Rózy

Taberna Infinito, Kisapáti

The Taberna Infinito restaurant, nestled on the Szent György Hill in Kisapáti, invites guests with a dolce vita vibe and a mesmerizing panoramic terrace. Inspired by Mediterranean flavours, their menu features cold and hot tapas, a giant Balkan burger, and refreshing Balaton wines to satisfy both hunger and thirst.

8284 Kisapáti, Kisapátihegy | Website

Photo: Taberna Infinito – Tapas&Grill Bàr Facebook

Skizo Borház – Nefelejcs, Badacsonytördemic

At the Skizo Winery in Badacsonytördemic, you’ll find the perfect pairing of delicious food and the exceptional wines of Balázs Sike. Whether you choose to relax on the charming, sun-drenched terrace or settle inside the winery, which now resides in the former Nefelejcs restaurant, a delightful culinary experience is assured!

8263 Badacsonytördemic, Szent István u. 48. | Website

Photo: Skizo Borház

Bakterház, Balatonszepezd

The once-deserted Balatonszepezd train station has recently undergone a revival. Inside its walls now resides the Bakterház, where you can leisurely sip your morning coffee, indulge in a hearty brunch, and taste the finest delicacies from local producers of the Balaton Uplands.

8252 Balatonszepezd, Vasútállomás, Hrsz: 489/3. | Facebook

Photo: Bakterház

Casa Christa, Balatonszőlős

At Casa Christa in Balatonszőlős, you’ll find the ultimate relaxation experience during your visit to Lake Balaton. As the country’s pioneering agritourism destination, Casa Christa caters to every whim, whether you seek solitude, retreat, immersion in nature, yoga, or a lively game of pétanque with family and friends.

The estate serves as an ideal venue for corporate events and weddings, spanning 5 hectares and offering unforgettable experiences. From the vine-covered pavilion, aged 60 years, to the fruit orchard ripe for tasting and harvesting, and up to the VIP fire pits, there’s something for everyone.

In the Bib Gourmand-awarded restaurant, indulge in Hungarian and French-inspired cuisine amidst a splendid setting, with a menu that evolves with the seasons. Complement your meal with a stellar wine selection featuring notable picks from the local Balaton region, Hungarian wine regions, and handpicked selections from international vineyards.

The estate welcomes those who wish to stroll among two thousand almond trees with their furry companions, culminating in a breathtaking panoramic view of Lake Balaton from the newly opened long drink bar atop the estate.

8233 Balatonszőlős, Izabella út | Reserve a table: +36 70/787-7933 | Weboldal

Photo: Casa Christa

Balaton Restaurant, Balatonfüred

The Balaton Restaurant, named after Hungary’s largest lake, invites guests seeking culinary delights. Its terrace overlooks Lake Balaton and Tagore Promenade, providing a break from the daily grind. The drink menu features the region’s finest wines, while the excellent dishes blend traditional flavours with modern kitchen trends. Here, you can taste Balaton favourites like catfish soup, cold foie gras or steak tartare with toast, made from locally sourced ingredients. With stunning views, delicious food, and friendly staff, it’s the perfect recipe for a pleasant day!

8230 Balatonfüred, Kisfaludy utca 5. | Website

Photo: Balaton Étterem

Taverna Restaurant and Guesthouse, Balatonfüred

The Taverna Restaurant & Guesthouse is located in the heart of Balatonfüred, not far from Tagore Promenade. The restaurant’s chef combines the latest kitchen technologies with the flavours of traditional Hungarian cuisine, creating a truly unique taste experience. Alongside the exquisite dishes and the finest wines of the Balaton Uplands, a fully renovated five-room guesthouse awaits vacationers. So, if you’re visiting Füred, consider adding this place to your bucket list – whether it’s for dinner or a longer stay!

8230 Balatonfüred, Kisfaludy utca 6. | Website

Photo: Taverna Étterem

Borház & Pizzaház, Balatonfüred

At the Borház & Pizzaház (Wine & Pizza House), alongside divine pizzas, you can sample hamburgers and tortilla wraps. But that’s not all – they also offer traditional velős pirítós (marrow toast). The drink menu caters to diverse preferences, featuring excellent bottled wines from the Balaton Uplands, as well as Italian coffee, and a wide range of alcoholic beverages, cocktails, and lemonades. Thanks to recent renovations, the space now boasts a modern ambiance, while still maintaining the relaxed atmosphere that has drawn visitors for 25 years!

8230 Balatonfüred, Kisfaludy utca 5. | Website

Photo: Borház & Pizzaház

Pántlika Bistro – A Taste of Csopak

The recently opened Pántlika Bistro in Csopak offers a glimpse into how the present intertwines with the past. Arriving at this charming Balaton Upland house feels like coming home. Neapolitan-style pizzas, fermented for 48 hours and baked in a 500°C oven, are served one after another, perfectly paired with a draft Peroni or a glass of fresh, crisp Csopak olaszrizling. Pántlika Bistro also serves breakfast, making it an ideal choice for starting your day right.

8229 Csopak, Kossuth utca 101. | Facebook

Photo: Pántlika Bisztró – Egy Falat Csopak

Random Bagel Bar, Örvényes

The Random Bagel Bar in Örvényes has begun its third season, offering a heavenly experience for bagel enthusiasts. Dive into the new summer menu and enjoy a hearty brunch or a bagel paired with an art exhibition.

8242 Örvényes, Új u. 2. | Facebook

Photo: Random Bagel Bar

Lelkem Inn, Dörgicse

One of the most family-friendly spots in the Balaton Uplands is Lelkem Inn in Dörgicse. Here, the focus is on serving mouth-watering seasonal flavors and dishes under the walnut trees, alongside attentive service and warm hospitality.

8244 Dörgicse, Fő u. 60. | Facebook

Photo: Lelkem Kisvendéglő

Constans Random Café, Balatonalmádi

Constans Random Café, known as the most secluded café by Lake Balaton, opened wide last summer. This family café and bar in Káptalanfüred is perfect for escaping the world’s noise, offering great coffee, drinks, and snacks.

8220 Balatonalmádi, Káptalan u. 2. | Facebook

Photo: Constans Random Cafe

Kicsi Csóka, Balatongyörök

Next to the Szépkilátó beach in Balatongyörök, Kicsi Csóka Bistro has everything you need for a relaxing break. Whether you’re after refreshing drinks, excellent coffee, burgers, or lángos, everything is made from the finest ingredients.

8313 Balatongyörök, Takács József u. | Facebook

Photo: Kicsi Csóka Bisztró

Takács Zsolt Winery, Rezi

For a break from the bustling southern shore, visit Rezi, home to the friendliest and coziest winery in the area. At Takács Zsolt Winery, you can enjoy exquisite wines, warm hospitality, and a taste of 300 years of family tradition.

8373 Rezi, Kiscomai út | Weboldal

Photo: Takács Zsolt Pincészete

Darnay Cellar and Barn Bistro, Gyenesdiás

Darnay Cellar and Barn Bistro in Gyenesdiás offers special weekend breakfasts and leisurely brunch experiences. If you’re craving a hearty hamburger, marrow toast, tortilla, or a glass of the finest of wines, this is the place to be.

8315 Gyenesdiás, Darnay u. 10. | Facebook

Photo: Darnay Pince és Pajtabisztró