Funzine Insider: This is How We Spend February

Three members of Funzine, including native Budapesters and others who have lived here for some time share their favourite places to be and things to do in the city every month. In February, you can see the hints of Timi, Léna and Zoli.


My favourite place to be: Csillaghegyi Megálló

As I live in Óbuda I like to spend my free time in District III. One of my favourite breakfast places is Csillaghegyi Megálló that is located at the Csillaghegy suburban railway stop. I believe it is one of the best breakfast places according to Tripadvisor. You’ll find heavenly homemade cakes, avocado and eggplant dips, hot sandwiches, and an excellent coffee and tea selection that can be lifesaving on your way to work or after an exhausting visit to the nearby swimming stadium.

My favourite thing to do: Swimming stadium visit

When in Óbuda, it’s worth visiting the recently renovated and friendly-priced Csillaghegy Árpád Spring Spa, the late Csillaghegy Baths and Swimming Pool that boasts a relaxing sauna world too. The swimming pool temperature is cold enough to wake you up in the morning if you like to start your day with a refreshing morning swim as I do. For me, mornings have a magical aura that I like to enjoy. After the swimming session, I often drop by Csillaghegyi Megálló for a cream cheese hot sandwich.


My favourite thing to do: Daytrip to Normafa

During February I try to take part in winter programs. If it snows, we visit Normafa with my friends for some sledging, after which we like to sip on a glass of hot wine in the nearby homely ski hut. If the slopes are not covered with snow, we go for a long walk in the forest, eat a strudel at the wooden booth, ride the cog railway to Városmajor, and finish the day with a late lunch at Fióka. I also like skating in the winter. Marczibányi tér ice rink is located close to our house, so we often spend a few hours there with the family on weekdays and during the weekend too. For me, the best part of cold winter days is warming up in an infrared sauna.

My favourite place to be: Tabán

Surrounded by Gellért Hill, Naphegy, and Várhegy, Tabán boasts a lovely park, old little streets and buildings as well as several eateries. It is the place of my teenager years. We used to hang out in Rácz Kert with my friends in the summer that gave home to wild live music concerts. During winter we frequented Tabán Tea House. We also went to Tabán Art Cinema that I visit nowadays too. I like that it stayed authentic. The Tabán area has hosted many music festivals for several years now: once I heard Frank Zappa live, which was amazing. I can’t wait to go to Tabán Festival in the spring and end the day in my favourite restaurant, Aranyszarvas established in 1695.


My favourite place to be: Mohács

For me, February is about one of the most interesting marching in the country, the Busó Festival of Mohács (or Busójárás as we call it) that our family will attend this year too. Busójárás is a common way to bid adieu to the winter season and welcome the coming of spring; it is sometimes paralleled with the Rio Carnival and the Carnival of Venice. At the festival the townspeople ward off the evil spirits of winter in frightening masks, making noise with rattles and bells. On the last Thursday of the Carnival season children wear costumes.

My favourite thing to do: Haydn – The Creation by Concerto Budapest

In the last 4-5 years I have paid special attention to the concerts of Hungarian violinist and conductor András Keller and Concerto Budapest. First I attended one of their summer shows which blew my mind. Depicting the creation of the world, The Creation oratorio by Haydn will be staged in Liszt Academy on 15 and 16 February, which makes it the perfect Valentine Day’s gift. This time the Purcell Choir will be joined by two amazing singers, Andrea Rost and Miklós Sebestyén who conquered the stages of the Metropolitan Opera of NYC too.