What’s New in Budapest: 8 Places Worth Visiting in January

Scroll down for the coolest newly-opened places in Budapest.

Ne pazarolj!

1027 Budapest, Fő utca 79.

As we’re faced with more and more news about the terrible consequences of our throw-away society each day, like the floating trash island of the Pacific ocean, or the toxic substances produced during waste incineration, ethical consumerism is now more important than ever. At Ne pazarolj! (‘Don’t waste’), Buda’s first zero waste shop and café, you’re welcome to do your part in protecting the environment. Founded by two girlfriends with a background in scouting, Ne pazarolj! offers package-free Hungarian produces, such as seasonal vegetables and fruits, spices, pastas, sweets, cereals, dairy products, jams, bakery products, as well as natural plant-based detergents.

Story Budapest

1075 Budapest, Kazinczy utca 21.

After what was considered by many a dreadful year for the local club scene, things are finally looking up, thanks to the opening of a new set of dance halls. Located on the main street of the downtown Party District, Story Budapest is the latest newcomer to the electronic music scene of Budapest, aptly housed inside a former transformer building. Get ready for a state of the art sound system, the hottest R’n’B, hip-hop, trap, rap and dance anthems, the city’s most popular DJs, a first rate VIP service, and the hippest crowds every weekend night at Story Budapest!

Blue Agori

1075 Budapest, Madách Imre út 1.

Situated in the heart of downtown Budapest, Blue Agori offers a taste of the Mediterranean through authentic Greek dishes and an enchanting interior design inspired by the colours present in the flag of the Hellenic Republic. Right now, the eatery serves gyros (with either chicken, pork, or halloumi cheese), souvlaki (in pita, on plate, or on a spit), and a variety of healthy and fresh salads, with dips including homemade tzatziki and tirokafteri, a spicy feta cheese spread. The meats and basic vegetables are sourced locally, while the yogurt, the olive oil, and the spices come straight from Greece, as do the recipes.

Árpád Baths

1038 Budapest, Pusztakúti út 2-6.

Árpád Baths is the city’s newest wellness facility, easily reachable from the downtown by the H5 suburban train. Construction works had started on the 7.800 square meters large indoor bathing complex in January 2017, while the building (mixing the style of 1930s Bauhaus architecture with contemporary design) was officially opened at the end of Autumn. Boasting 15 pools, four different types of massage therapy, a water slide park, and a magical sauna world on the top floor, Árpád Baths gives you more bang for your buck than other similarly priced institutions.


1075 Budapest, Kazinczy utca 35.

When a non-Hungarian is asked to think of a traditionally Hungarian dish, nine out of ten will say goulash. Although highly popular, it still hasn’t quite found its way into the mainstream of Hungarian street food culture. That’s what tiny Tunkoló wants to change: the Kazinczy utca food bar offers a quick fix solution to anyone out and about in the Party District till late at night, through a range of stews (from catfish and beef to sour lung and venison), goulash, and a variety of pottages for those following a no-meat diet.


1051 Budapest, Sas utca 6.

Textúra was conceived with the aim of bringing diners a playful yet intimate culinary experience through the use of locally sourced ingredients, traditional cooking techniques, and an international attitude towards flavour harmony. Run by executive chef Ákos Sárközi, the kitchen of Textúra caters to people not afraid of experimenting, with dishes as spectacular as they are tasty, including Argentinian sirloin steak in lobster sauce with sausage, brain foam with crunchy pearl barley and honeycomb, and pigeon with coffee and star anise.

Pálinka Museum

1061 Budapest, Király utca 20.

What vodka is for the Polish, grappa for the Italians, and ouzo for the Greeks, the same is pálinka for us Hungarians. Our national spirit has a long and flavourful history, as showcased by the Pálinka Museum’s interactive exhibition, which calls to aide historic texts, objects, pictures, and digital tools to introduce the burning fruit brandy to the world. The Király utca venue also acts as a shop, bar, and tasting spot, featuring over one hundred different varieties of pálinka, produced from more than 30 fruits in 12 of the best Hungarian distilleries.

KOVACSDORA designer shop

1094 Budapest, Ferenc tér 2-3.

Dóra Kovács, the founder and designer of kovacsdora fashion brand, left her graphic designer career behind three years ago to pursue her true calling as a dress maker, after a couple of years spent on self-education followed by successfully completing a vocational training in dress making. Her durable, comfy, and unique clothes are limited edition pieces of craftsmanship, created with the help of industrial sewing machines and a ton of creativity on Dóra’s part. Among her garments you’ll find elegant pieces, soft and warm sweaters, as well as classic black dresses, skirts, and underwear.