Best of Budapest: The City’s Top Restaurants You Can’t Miss

From Michelin-recommended marvels to hidden gems, join us as we expose the city’s top restaurants, showcasing a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Get ready for a tasty journey through the heart of Hungary’s culinary capital.


Go explore beyond downtown and check out the gorgeous Buda Hills that give home to Jardinette. If you’re up for diving headfirst into Hungarian cuisine, this place is your ticket to explore some seriously tasty traditional Hungarian flavours, with a twist of innovation and attentive service. Jardinette isn’t just a restaurant, it’s a whole adventure that’ll take you deeper into the wonderful world of Hungarian food and mentality. Also, the restaurant’s got this one-of-a-kind magic, thanks to its jaw-dropping conservatory. This cozy and tranquil conservatory is all lit up with giant glass walls, making it feel like you’re in the middle of a fairy tale garden – even when winter’s knocking!

1112 Budapest, Németvölgyi út 136. | Website

Flava Kitchen & More

Discover a winter escape nestled in the heart of Budapest – Flava Kitchen & More, your urban oasis. Just a stone’s throw from Szabadság Square, this Michelin-recommended gem invites you to warm up in a downtown jungle of flavours. Embracing the spirit of sharing, their menu spans the globe, making it a breeze for larger groups to curate a feast. From international delights to traditional Hungarian flavours, Flava Kitchen & More crafts a fresh and unique culinary experience, ensuring every plate is a passport to the world’s diverse cuisines. Make sure you try their signature babka with Turkish hazelnuts!

1051 Budapest, Október 6. utca 26. | Website

Soy & Olive

Get ready for a culinary adventure in the centre of Budapest – Soy and Olive has opened its doors, bringing your favourite global cuisines together under one roof! Aptly named after key ingredients from Italian and Asian kitchens, this exciting restaurant has set up shop in Vörösmarty Square. Housed within the unique interior of the nearly century-old Medimpex Palace, the restaurant seamlessly combines two distinct yet harmoniously operating culinary realms. This concept is a standout – it’s not about fusion kitchens, but rather about two parallel, independently thriving cuisines coming together in high style.

1051 Budapest, Vörösmarty tér 4. | Facebook


Robinson Restaurant

Found on a charming island in Budapest’s most beautiful park, Robinson Restaurant pays tribute to Defoe’s shipwrecked hero. Opened in 1989, this lakeside gem, overseen by owner László Árpád, welcomes guests on two floors with a seasonal menu inspired by international and Hungarian cuisines. From coconut salmon curry to hearty Hortobágyi meat pancakes, Robinson invites you to a global gastronomic journey. The restaurant’s enduring allure lies not just in its celebrity clientele but also in its idyllic location by the City Park Lake. In the colder months, don’t miss their sensational fisherman’s soup, a perfect warmer for the soul!

1146 Budapest, Városligeti-tó (City Park Lake) | Website



Transport your taste buds to Tuscany without leaving Buda’s green embrace! Alessio, nestled in the tranquillity of Pasarét, serves up authentic Italian goodness with traditional Tuscan flavours using genuine ingredients. From daily specials to homemade pastas and sizzling prawns, the menu is a journey into Italian delight. No need to cross borders for Mediterranean magic – just climb up to Pasarét’s cherished Italian spot, Alessio. Each bite invites you on an instant Italian flavour voyage. Whether you seek celebration, relaxation, or a nibble of dolce vita, Alessio is the go-to for a swift Italian escape!

1026 Budapest, Pasaréti út 55. | Website

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Vén Hajó Restaurant

How about spicing things up with a candlelit dinner on the Danube, surrounded by the dazzling nightlights of Budapest? It’s a recipe for romance with a side of city sparkle! The legendary boat restaurant Vén Hajó (Old Boat) is on a mission to impress with its delightful dishes and an exceptional selection of wines. Prepare for a culinary adventure that pays homage to tradition while embracing innovation! So, deck yourself out in your fanciest threads, and enjoy the bests of traditional Hungarian cuisine with a modern twist, from beef stew in red wine to tenderloin carpaccio served with arugula salad.

1052 Budapest, Vigadó 2nd pier | Website


Tapas Fino

Indulge in the perfect blend of Spanish flair and Hungarian finesse as you unwind at Tapas Fino! This gorgeous restaurant is located on the UNESCO world heritage Danube Bank, offering an upscale selection of tapas dishes, Cavas and the bests from the Spanish vineyards. Led by executive chef András Sipos, the menu is inspired by Spanish cuisine, with fantastic meals cooked to perfection with a Hungarian touch. The cosy space with its modern decor and the floor-to-ceiling windows bring authentic Mediterranean vibes to the heart of Budapest. Thinking of finishing your day with a delicious cocktail by the Danube? Tapas Fino is your place to be!

1056 Budapest, Belgrád rakpart 24. | Website



Downtown Budapest’s Tereza is a Mexican culinary fiesta! Close to Oktogon, dive into authentic regional flavours in this lively Mexican restaurant all year round. Beyond delicious dishes, enjoy perfect drink pairings and master oyster opening at the Oysters & Bubbles workshop. Live music rocks this special place, and winter coziness awaits inside. And hold onto your sombreros, because every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday, with tasty tacos at just 1290 forints each. Don’t miss Margarita workshops for cocktail skills and monthly foodie events – Tereza is your go-to for a flavour-packed adventure!

1065 Budapest, Nagymező utca 3. | Website


Róma Ételbár

Step into the Róma Food Bar any day of the week, and you’re in for a treat – think checkered tablecloths, friendly staff, and heavenly smells! This spot is the perfect blend of cozy nostalgia and modern cool, serving up a lineup of unforgettable dishes that’ll make your taste buds dance, from golden broth to heavenly chicken paprikash and sweet curd dumplings. Whether it’s a Tuesday or a Sunday, Róma Food Bar turns every meal into a feast, and here’s a secret: in Budapest, every road somehow leads to this zestful haven. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s a foodie’s paradise you won’t want to leave!

1015 Budapest, Csalogány utca 20. | Facebook

Photo: Róma Ételbár Facebook

Náncsi Néni Vendéglője

If you’re on a quest for the ultimate combo of homey Hungarian vibes and the gentle hug of nature, buckle up and head to Náncsi Néni Vendéglője (Aunt Náncsi’s Restaurant)! Perched high above the city in the Buda Hills, this place is like a culinary haven for locals and tourists alike. From farm-fresh chicken soup to melt-in-your-mouth venison served with dumplings, each bite feels like a warm hug from grandma. This adventure of flavours will transport you to those golden Sundays when the whole family gathered to soak up some cooking wisdom and devour grandma’s magic. You’re not just dining; you’re time-traveling in taste!

1029 Budapest, Ördögárok út 80. | Website

Photo: Náncsi néni vendéglője Facebook

DNB Budapest

Get ready for a taste of winter delight at DNB Budapest, the culinary gem along the Pest side of the Danube. Fancy Advent and Christmas brunches with Hungarian stuffed cabbage, roasted pikeperch, and our famous Christmas cake bejgli get you in the festive mood. And if you’re all about those cozy tea afternoons, they’ve got you covered for a relaxing time. No stress about the holiday feast either – on the night of 24 December, swing by the restaurant for some grilled lamb, deer ragout, and pumpkin pie. Or, if you’re feeling lazy, let them bring the tastiest meals straight to your doorstep with their jolly home delivery.

1052 Budapest, Duna-korzó | Website


Párisi Passage Restaurant

Looking for the perfect spot for a date, family dinner, or business meetup? Check out Párisi Passage Restaurant at Párisi Udvar Hotel Budapest! They serve up a mix of Hungarian and international classics with a modern twist. And don’t miss ÉTOILE Champagne Bar for a touch of luxury next door: discover the stunning passage while tasting a glass of golden bubbles chilled to the perfect temperature under the crystal dome. For a more laid-back vibe, swing by Párisi Passage Café. You will love its charming atmosphere reminiscent of a bygone century, and seasonal specials. Whether it’s a fancy dinner or a relaxed coffee date, Párisi Passage has you covered.

1053 Budapest, Ferenciek tere 10. | Website

Photo: Párisi Passage Café & Brasserie Facebook

Halászbástya Restaurant

Just a stone’s throw from Buda Castle, Halászbástya Restaurant at Fisherman’s Bastion offers stunning views of the Danube, Budapest’s iconic landmarks, and a chic interior. The venue is a feast for the eyes, and the food is a delight for your taste buds. Positioned atop one of Budapest’s famous sights, the restaurant provides an unparalleled view of the Parliament, Pest rooftops, and St. Stephen’s Basilica dome. With gourmet cuisine and top-notch service, it’s undoubtedly one of Budapest’s most exclusive spots. Enter from the right side of the Bastion and savor fine dishes throughout the year.

1014 Budapest, Budai Vár, Halászbástya – Északi Híradástorony | Website


Városliget Café & Restaurant

Városliget Café & Restaurant easily secures its spot among the capital’s most romantic locations. With a candle-lit, romantic atmosphere in the afternoon and evening, it transforms into a convenient venue for business meetings during lunch, just minutes away from the center. This gem in City Park offers everything you could wish for – a stunning view, dreamy ambiance, and exceptional food and drink options. Whether it’s casual meetings, family gatherings, or romantic rendezvous, this place has it all. Don’t miss out on the golden experience at Városliget Café & Restaurant!

1146 Budapest, Olof Palme stny. 6. | Website

Photo: Városliget Café & Restaurant 1895 Facebook