Gastro Guide to the Balaton Region

Spending a few days around the spectacular Lake Balaton is always a blast. Take your holiday to the next level by experimenting with local cuisine!

Borbarátok Restaurant and Guesthouse

8258 Badacsonytomaj, Római út 88.

In our great-grandfathers’ time, the local people would taste fine wines under the umbrage of the old walnut tree at the foot of Badacsony, on Római út, just outside Badacsonytomaj. At the present time Borbarátok Restaurant and Guesthouse welcomes the visitors at the place, honouring the memory of the ascendants. All buildings were renovated in 2008, when the wine cellar was named ‘FATA’ after its former owner. Those who visit Borbarátok may enjoy the relaxation by the lake (which is only a few hundred meters away), the gastronomy of the region, and the wine tasting tours in the Badacsony hills.

Csóka Fészek Restaurant

8313 Balatongyörök, Eötvös Károly u. 153.

Located right next to the lookout tower of Balatongyörök, the picturesque panorama is an extra to all meals at Csóka Fészek. The enthusiastic owners, Kata and Balázs took over the restaurant last year thanks to their supporting families, and it is their mission to run the restaurant successfully with a team of professionals. Chef Sándor Kerekes uses only quality local and Hungarian ingredients when preparing each dish, including the ones made on barbecue and charcoal grill. Csóka Fészek is home to concerts too; for more information, follow them on Facebook!


Fészek Restaurant

8251 Zánka, Vérkúti utca 2.

Zánka’s most modern restaurant, Fészek (‘nest’ in Hungarian) takes pride in using only the highest quality of local ingredients when preparing their foreign-inspired meals. The authentic, homemade delicacies are cooked on the spot, and the menu is designed to please both meat-lovers and vegetarians.


Karolina Fűszerkert

8237 Tihany, Felsőkopaszhegyi út 35.

Karolina Fűszerkert restaurant is located in a secluded corner of Tihany, on Felsőkopaszhegyi út, discreetly lying on a hill in-between summer houses. A fine lunch on the Mediterranean-themed terrace or a candle-lit dinner in the middle of the garden guarantee a unique experience in the restaurant situated in Echo Residence Hotel. It awaits its guests with a breathtaking panorama over Lake Balaton and seasonal offers inspired by Granny Karolina’s recipes. The chef’s offer and an exquisite wine selection add up to many reasons why one should drop in Karolina Fűszerkert once around.


Kistücsök Restaurant

8636 Balatonszemes, 25 Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca

Located in Balatonszemes, Kistücsök restaurant is among the best countryside restaurants in Hungary. The eatery has successfully established a blooming business relationship with local producers and winemakers, and they take pride in using only premium quality ingredients purchased from the region. You’ll find the best wine of local varieties on the menu, as well as modern but traditional Hungarian meals. It’s worth spending some time in this lovely restaurant, where you can truly experience the magical side of Balaton’s gastronomy.


Kővirág Restaurant

8274 Köveskál, Fő út 9/A

Káli Basin’s true gem, Kővirág restaurant takes pride in welcoming guests from all around the world. The restaurant’s charm lies in its special surroundings and the heartfelt atmosphere, as well as the interior, the freshly cut flowers on the tables and the high quality, uniquely served and tasty dishes.


Oliva Restaurant & Hotel

8200 Veszprém, Buhim utca 14-16.

The lovely Oliva Restaurant is located in the heart of the historic centre of Veszprém (also known as the city of queens), nearby the centre of the town for exactly 18 years. It is situated in a peaceful area, with a 20-room hotel, just a stone throw away from the well-known Castle district, and welcomes its guests in its three-roomed arched interior and a pleasant garden exterior with huge beach umbrellas and a charming dragon sculptured fountain. During the high season terrace barbeque is also part of the garden service, with live latin, jazz or classical and pop music to spice up the summer nights. The cozy, child and dog-friendly restaurant’s menu is made up of traditional dishes along with other internationals influenced lightly by the Mediterranean cuisine. There is an emphasis on quality wine, too. Veszprém’s downtown restaurant takes pride in having ranked on the top 100 restaurants list by one of the leading national daily newspapers for several consecutive years, as well as having been chosen as one of the 50 best, affordable restaurants in the country and praised by the Dining Guide magazine.


PORTO Balaton

8230 Balatonfüred, Zákonyi sétány 4.

In case you are craving a copious meal or you’re just in the mood to enjoy a glass of fine wine while getting immersed in the beautiful view over Lake Balaton, PORTO Balaton is the right place to go! The authentic Italian restaurant is located in Balatonfüred, nearby the always busy Tagore promenade. A magnificent panorama and pizza varieties, as well as the greatest representatives of Italia’s cuisine await everyone right on the lakeshore. As for beverages, the most popular cocktails, local wines and an exclusive selection of the Mediterranean wine regions’ best blends are available.


Spoon il Mercato Restaurant

8172 Balatonakarattya, Rákóczi út 44.

‘The aroma of good food lies in the quality of the ingredients’ is the motto of the cozy Balatonakarattya-based restaurant that serves as a market for Italian pastries, ham, cheese and wine specialties. Visit Spoon il Mercato and experience the close-to-authentic harmony of tastes only Italian cuisine can provide.


Tagyon Ranch

8272 Tagyon, Tagyon-hegy dűlő

“From one friend to another”: that could be the motto of Tagyon Ranch’s management team. The nearly 5-hectare winery is located in the picturesque Nivegy Valley, and it offers excellent wines, accommodation (in the form of stylishly furnished apartments), and culinary experiences to its visitors. The gorgeous panorama and the friendly hospitality are the icing on the cake! On the ranch they grow different kinds of vegetables and fruit, without using preservatives and chemicals. Using some new technologies, Tagyon Ranch runs an old-fashioned kitchen where all the dishes are prepared according to traditional recipes. The restaurant itself is imbued with a provincial spirit, from the personal greeting to the food on the plate. The menu is inspired by regional Hungarian dishes prepared with fresh, seasonal products coming from either the ranch’s garden or from nearby farmers. Would you be interested in a fun bicycle tour or a sailboat adventure? Tagyon Ranch has something in store for you too! It’s open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 12 AM to 9 PM.