Let’s Go Camping! Balatontourist Campsites are Waiting for You

We don’t know about you, but whenever we recall fun childhood (or festival) memories of camping and living in a tent, it puts a smile on our face. Being close to nature, spending time on the fresh air, seeing animals in their natural environment, and stargazing at night are all among the reasons why we wouldn’t hesitate to do it again whenever it’s possible.

Imagine assembling your impermanent home just a stone throw away from the gorgeous Lake Balaton, and enjoying the great panorama every morning right after you open your eyes. It’s actually possible, thanks to Balatontourist Camping that is awaiting you with 8 campsites! If this type of nomad lifestyle is too much for your taste, but you don’t want to miss out on an unforgettable summer holiday, mobilhomes, bungalows and caravans are also available for rent.

Balatontourist offers:

  • waterfront campsites
  • private beach
  • animation in the high season
  • children’s pools
  • swimming pools
  • bike rental
  • naturist campsite
  • free WIFI-zone
  • Camping Days


Available campsites (Locations + contact information)

  • Balatontourist Füred Camping & Bungalows (Balatonfüred, 36/87/580-241)
  • Balatontourist Napfény (Révfülöp, 36/87/563-031),
  • Balatontourist Strand-Holiday (Balatonakali, 36/87/544-021)
  • Balatontourist Park Camping & Bungalows  (Vonyarcvashegy, 36/83/348-044)
  • Balatontourist Zala Camping & Bungalows (Keszthely, 36/83/312-782)
  • Balatontourist Berény Naturist (Balatonberény, 36/85/377-299)
  • Balatontourist Termál (Zalakaros, 36/93/340-105)
  • Balatontourist Vadvirág Camping & Bungalows  (Balatonszemes, 36/84/360-114)

Summer offers the best opportunities to help you escape city-life stress, why not go camping? For further information, check out Balatontourist’s official website, and book online! (Don’t worry, it’s available in English too.)