Funzine Insider: This Is How We Spend January

Three members of FUNZINE, including native Budapesters and others who have lived here for some time share their favourite places to go and things to do in the city every month. In January, you can see the hints of Orsi, Évi and Dolli.

Orsi’s Hints

My favourite place to be: Dobogókő

Every January I get inspired to sleigh. The only place nearby Budapest you have the chance to do so is Dobogókő which is a 45 minute car drive away from the city, but the road through Buda hills that leads to it is breathtaking on its own. Arriving to Dobogókő the magical view always evokes our inner child. Cold from the sledging and snowball fights, we warm up in Platán restaurant over a mug of hot tea and sometimes have a plate of the Hungarian dishes that are boiling in the cauldron in front of the place, such as Goulash soup, fish soup and wild boar stew. Dobogókő is a perfect destination for both families and sport-lovers as skiing is also available in the area.

My favourite thing to do: Visit flea markets

As we tend to spend more time indoors during the winter months, I try to make my days at home. I love tinkering, renovating old pieces of furniture, painting and basically everything that is creative in some way. That’s why I spend most of my time decorating my home in January. When I’m deeply into it, I even visit flea markets to find some antique treasures that with a little time and money effort will later be the jewellery of my apartment.

Évi’s Hints

My favourite place to be: Rumpus Tiki Bar

I am definitely not a winter person; I love summer’s sunny and hot weather that’s best to be enjoyed on the beach of a picturesque place. It’s been a while since I discovered Király utca’s hidden treasure Rumpus, the Tiki Bar with Hawaiian vibes and an interior design that is so charmingly perfect that it almost feels like you are in a tropical island. When you enter, the friendly staff greets you with an ’Aloha’, wearing Hawaiian grass skirt, but the icing on the cake is the artistically made and extremely delicious cocktail assortment which impresses you right away. 10/10!

Photo: Facebook

My favourite thing to do: Staying in

I am not the fan of cold weather, but I know it has some advantages. For one thing, winter creates great opportunities to engage with indoor activities that I didn’t have time for in the past few weeks. I have many spring inspired ‘do it yourself’ decoration ideas, but when I am not in the creative mood, I rather spend my time with my friends and loved ones, playing fun board games, drinking hot chocolate or watching movies. For some reason, this time of the year I also enjoy to tidy up the chaos in my wardrobe, making room for lighter spring clothes.

Dolli’s Hints

My favourite place to be: Gellért Spa

To tell you the truth, I’m not a big fan of January: by this time of the year the Christmas season has gone by, but the spring still seems to be quite far. Not to mention that it’s pretty hard to cheer up when it’s either grey or dark outside. So what do I do? I run away from these depressing features of the winter month right into one of the most beautiful thermal bath spas of Budapest: I visit Gellért Spa. One day at the spa spent with relaxing in the hot waters, sitting in the sauna and getting a massage recharge my batteries for the whole month.

My favourite thing to do: Pilates

I used to do cardio exercises, attend intensive spin classes and go running a few times a week, so it comes by no surprise that I would have never thought that Pilates would be a sport I enjoy. However, after a long day at work it is exactly what I need: it shuts off my brain for an hour or so, stretches my limbs and back, which is quite useful after spending 8 hours sitting in one place and recharges my mind. I can’t wait for spring to arrive so that I can do Pilates outdoors.