Extraordinary Tastes Presented in the Budapest Advent and Christmas Fair on Vörösmarty tér

There’s no Advent season in Budapest without going to the Christmas fair on Vörösmarty tér. Before tasting our favourite combo of the winter holidays, including smelling mulled wine and chimney cake, let’s take a look at the extraordinary courses accompanied by fine wines one can try this year at the fair. Be aware, you might get enticed.

The thematic gastro weeks are awaiting those who are interested in culinary pleasures as well apart from the traditional Hungarian handicraft with open kitchen shows, local farmers’ ingerdients, guest chefs and wine makers.

Between 27 November and 3 December stuffed cabbage and Somló’s wine region steals the show

Although we are more than willing to eat a plate of stuffed cabbage at any time of the year, it is still the ultimate course of the annual Christmas meal. Somló, the smallest wine region of Hungary is providing wines for cabbage dishes. Juhfark, Hárslevelű and Tramini wines are perfect choices; however, there are rosé and white wines that are made in Somló and also harmonize with meals consisting of cabbage and meat.

Fish fast between 4 and 10 December

The pre-Christmas fast may not be as widespread as the Easter Lent, it is still worth challenge ourselves before the abundant holiday feasts. According to traditions, the Nativity Fast starts on 30 November, but only Wednesdays and Fridays are the days of the week when it is not allowed to eat meat excluding fish. Between 4 and 10 December, it is likely you’ll encounter with fish dishes on Vörösmarty tér, to which it is advised to drink white wine, such as Furmint, Olaszrizling, Leányka or Kéknyelű.

Tastes of Hanukkah between 11 and 17 December

At Hanukkah oil-fried dishes are traditionally preferred, such as doughnut, fried dough (lángos), and sweet or savoury pancakes. It is less common to make milky courses. There are regions that boast potato latkes, Jewish apple cakes and other dishes prepared without milk that became the popular Hanukkah meals. In the third week of Advent, these are going to be presented at Vörösmarty tér.

Besides culinary pleasures, the Christmas fair is awaiting all with stage performances, Advent candle lighting, urban projection on the walls of the Gerbaud House and artisan pavilons.