Tribali Returns to A38

The Tribali experience culminates in all its worth during the band’s performances, with an array of movement, colour and dynamic sounds that leave the audience enthralled for days.

The versatility in musical genres presented in their songs is a key contributor to the band’s success. Indeed, the spectrum of styles ranges from tribal to rock, to ska and psychedelic, allowing the band to attract audiences from all generations. Tribali’s efforts to leave ample space for crowd interaction during their concerts leave the audience feeling like they participated in making the live experience an unforgettable one, full of positive energy.

Having performed in a variety of festivals, including Glastonbury, the Byron Bay Bluesfest in Australia, the Ancient Trance Music Festival in Germany and Earth Garden, Tribali has slowly made their mark on the international music scene for years. Nevertheless, Summer 2015 represented an important development as the band went on their first summer tour, performing in Turkey, Hungary, Finland and Sicily.

Following a change in the band’s line-up, Summer 2016 has helped to further develop Tribali’s international presence. A few of this year’s highlights included their second time headlining Everness Festival, a sold out performance in the world-renowned A38 Ship in Budapest and memorable performances in Spain and Portugal as part of the Festival Sete Sois Sete Luas.

This year Tribali returns to A38 on 27 July, click here for more!