The Best Events In Town This Weekend

We got the best Easter gift this year: a 4-day long weekend! This means we are going to have two extra days to have fun, and explore Budapest. Here are the programs you don’t want to miss.

Thursday – 13 April

Hanoi street food in Culinary Institute of Europe at 6 PM

According to Telegraph, Hanoi is the best gastro city in the world at the moment. Makifood Cookery School in corporation with Phuong Nguyen bring you the best street food from Vietnam.

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Little G Weevil Band: 21st Century Rhythm and Blues in Akvárium Club at 8PM

The band of Little G Weevil, a Hungarian musician living in the U.S., plays a unique mix of blues and soul. The band will give a concert today in the heart of Budapest, at Akvárium Club.

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Friday – 14 April

GimmeShot Reunion in A38 at 23.30PM

This is what you can expect: warm up: Zomblaze. GimmeShot Djs & MCs B2B, Dermot, Future, Mr. Skunk , Sena, Busa Pista, Kemon, Columbo feat. Márkos Albert – cello, Hárságyi Péter – drumz. MXB feat Wonky Swing Band, MC Busa, PollyFlow – rap, vocal, Modul aka Mango – beats, Lakatos Gyuszi – keyboard, Radics József – bass, Welsz Kristóf – guitar, loops.

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INSOMNIA w/ Devochka (BRA) in Corvin Club at 11PM

Devochka, the Brazilian queen of minimal prog, returns to Budapest to play with the best Hungarian DJs in Corvin Club.

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Saturday – 15 April

Soundtrack party in Gozsdu Manó Klub at 11PM

Who don’t like the soundtracks of Pulp Fiction, Blues Brothers, and other cult films? Everyone does. In Gozsdu Manó Klub you can dance to the best ones.

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Street Grove Institute #6 in TELEP at 9PM

House party in TELEP with Maxi!

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Bike N Nite 020 // She Fire Charity Night in Anker’t at 6PM

Bike N Nite is a series, held in every month, where we combine volunteering, helping people in need, biking and the cultural life and nightlife of Budapest. Based on the popular community cookings of Budapest Bike Maffia, we would like to join people in different social classes, different ages and to advertise charity culture and helping people in need. We combine social work, volunteering, biking, cultural life and nightlife.

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HELLO – Britney’s Slumber Party in Toldi Klub at 11PM

Ooooops the queen did it again! This is Britney b*

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Sunday – 16 April

Harcsa Veronika Quartet in Budapest Jazz Club at 8PM

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Steng song contest finals in Kuplung at 8PM

40 Days, Gustave Tiger, Ricsárdgír zenekar, Slow Village, and Szabó Benedek // Galaxisok – based on the votes of the writers and readers of Index, these five bands got the chance to play their songs on Saturday in Kuplung, and win the competition.

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