Why Not Budapest

A classy café during the day, a much preferred bar in the evening so Why Not give it a shot? Why Not café is a perfect place to have a few drinks before a night out as they have drink offers and happy hours varying daily. Planning a date and in need of an intimate venue? Choose Why Not café with its exclusive environment – the old Hollywood glamour and Japanese elements are greatly mixed. In summer when you want to relax, head to Why Not café and chill out on their terrasse – it’s open from March. And the key term: fantastic Danube panorama!

Recently this friendly little café expanded not only spatially, but also added a large selection of hot chocolates to their menu, which is a truly welcome addition this time of year. You could have a plain old hot chocolate, but why not try something more adventurous? Why Not? offers a huge palette of flavours: almond, strawberry, banana, and the audience favourite mint. If you are in the mood for a drop of sailor in you, try the hot chocolate with rum. But even the classic flavour is transformed once you add lashings of whipped cream and rainbow coloured sprinkles. You can even have a lush treat on the go, just ask for them in a go cup to take that warm hug in a mug on the road.